September 11, 2021

    Drone deliveries using existing railroad networks proposed

    We have been hearing talks of drone deliveries right at your doorstep within hours of delivering a product and you…


      September 13, 2021

      Monarch butterfly tracking could be done more effectively by mapping strontium isotopes

      Researchers have shown through a new study that monarch butterflies can be effectively tracked along their migratory route by mapping…


        September 15, 2021

        Bill Gates returns to warn the world: risk of other pandemics, we need a high guard

        It is not the first time that Bill Gates seeks to warn the world of an event, such as the…


          September 17, 2021

          Google TV could host FAST channels, free streaming broadcasts

          Mountain View would be considering the idea of ​​ bringing free streaming channels to Google TV. So on Google Chromecast…
          September 17, 2021

          iPhone 13 Pro also on AnTuTu: superiority compared to 12 Pro confirmed

          Also AnTuTu confirms what emerged yesterday on iPhones 13 Pro compared to counterparties of the previous year, even if ne…
          September 17, 2021

          Marvel movies: too many and too repetitive. Dune director torpedoes the MCU

          It is now established that Marvel before and now Disney have based the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on…
          September 17, 2021

          Polestar accelerates the development of the Precept to bring it into production before 2025

          The Polestar Research and Development Center in the UK continues to grow and will be able to count on more…
          September 17, 2021

          The real Chess Queen sues Netflix over a joke about her

          The Queen of Sacks was a huge success, quickly becoming the most viewed miniseries ever on Netflix, and the face…
          September 17, 2021

          Cybercriminals also like Telegram more and more

          Telegram is a messaging app that over the years has managed to establish itself as a credible alternative to the…


            September 15, 2021

            Google fines $ 177 million in Korea for anti-fragmentation deal

            After years of investigation, the South Korean government has fined Google of the equivalent of approximately 177 million dollars for…