10 games to try on Xbox Cloud Gaming

After the experiments of the early years 2000, cloud gaming as we know it today is the child of the push given by 2010 onwards from OnLive and, subsequently, Gaikai. Both platforms no longer exist, they have been acquired by Sony over the years, but have had the advantage of starting a run-up that today allows us to have a large number of services available. From GeForce Now to Stadia, from Xbox Cloud Gaming to PlayStation Now and Amazon Luna, passing through a whole series of alternatives and experiments.

Despite the years, cloud gaming is still in its infancy . And this is true both in terms of market penetration, all in all limited, and in terms of limits and compromises, often linked to the connection of users, with which players must collide and that platforms must always keep in mind. .

There is obviously no lack of progress and large companies like Google, despite the many mistakes made with Stadia, can afford to experiment with advanced solutions, such as 4K a 60 frame per second with HDR we told you about a few days ago. Or GeForce Now, which is expanding its offering to ensure a visual experience ever closer to that which can be experienced on high-end and very high-end PCs.

Progress is not lacking, in short, and when it comes to cloud gaming it is difficult not to imagine a future in which it will be at the center of the videogame offer. At the moment, however, it is a complementary experience to the others, a second way that can be combined with your favorite console, PC or smartphone. For this Xbox Cloud Gaming, inserted within the Game Pass, perfectly mixes a rich and usable catalog on a large number of platforms, with a degree of accessibility – also cheap – which makes it perfect for making a first experience with cloud gaming and following its progress.

So we wondered what games they were suitable for exploiting it, a task that turned out to be a little less simple than expected. If on the one hand the Game Pass includes in fact a large number of exclusives and high-profile titles, just think of the various Halo and Forza, on the other hand they are not necessarily products that go best with the technical limitations that many still encounter while playing. in the cloud. We therefore opted for games that could marry the cloud gaming experience, not simply the most beautiful or the most recent ones.

To do this we relied on hardware that would naturally not be designed for play, a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook , so as to check which ones they were 10 titles that go well together with the peculiarities of this technology and which at the same time offer great playful values.

The choice of a 2-in-1 convertible Chromebook was made because, being a product oriented towards productivity and which places the accent on the typical characteristics of these devices, therefore the lightness and battery life, it seemed to us that we and an ideal test to understand how much Xbox Cloud Gaming was a suitable choice for those who want to play their favorite titles even when the console and the PC are not nearby. Let us know what you think and, above all, what you play in the cloud.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon, Slim 7 Pro e IdeaPad 5 Chromebook ufficiali

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It has been a couple of years since ‘release of the adventure signed by Asobo, the French team that also curated the excellent and very different Flight Simulator, but the trip to the fourteenth century France offered by this splendid adventure continues to give satisfaction BC whoever decides to give him a chance. A Plague Tale: Innocence is not the highest budget production, nor the longest running one, but the mix of a well written story, interesting characters and pleasant mechanics makes it a must.


There are not many city building games designed for consoles (and their controllers) that can offer a quality experience, playable without going crazy but at the same time without too many compromises. Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition succeeds in the enterprise thanks to an all in all classic gameplay, which draws heavily from the ideas of the first Sim City, but with a large number of gimmicks and contents that justify their existence even today. ‘today. Among other things if on the one hand it is true that a city can take a long time to be built to perfection to meet one’s dreams as a virtual urban planner, the formula it also adapts well to hit and run games.


30 years of JRPG summarized in a product that has all the best of a historical series, with some (welcome) touches of modernity. This is not a game suitable for those who want a short experience, indeed, and technically it is certainly not the most advanced on the market, but the mechanics are perfectly balanced, the story deep and rich in nuances and the artistic, visual but also musical, transports us to a world that is worth discovering and in which many will love to get lost . All strictly in single player and without any need to think about the ping or the latency of the controls. The Dragon Quest series is not as popular in the West as it is in Asia, but this eleventh chapter, playable even by novices without any risk of feeling lost, is the perfect opportunity to give it a chance.


Over the years Football Manager has become the football game not only for those who are passionate about football, but also for who understands us . On the one hand, the idea of ​​playing with a database full of statistics, however more or less hidden behind screens full of graphics and a visual representation of the match, may not be interesting but for others it means an infinite number of hours passed. to study the best tactics, the most promising young players and the steps to take to move up in the category. It may not like it, it can be boring after two hours of play, but the beauty of having it available on Game Pass is this: try it, give it a chance, and if you are not comfortable then just move on to something else.


Rare after a series of vintages disappointing is practically reborn with Sea of ​​Thieves, finding a perfect formula for the Xbox Game Pass. A cooperative pirate-themed action game in which it is important to be ready for action, but the tone is light-hearted and above all the fun. A few slowdowns or episodes of lag will not ruin your evening, in short, while the hours of entertainment are potentially unlimited : the sandbox structure allows anyone to move and interpret the experience as they prefer, while the post-launch support work has led to the creation of a large number of additional contents, capable of giving dozens and dozens of hours of leisure.


The SEGA series has been for years a small cult reserved for a group of fans and then, little by little, it has managed to enter the hearts of a growing number of players. A unique and fascinating journey to modern Japan , which somehow took the legacy of Shenmue and that with this seventh episode he was also able to change the cards on the table: enough action structure, off to turn-based combat from JRPG. The result is a video game that keeps the usual crazy tone, gives many hours of fun but does so by choosing a game system that does not fear input lag or some hiccups. The change of setting, which passes from Tokyo to Yokohama, and a narrative structure designed to adapt also to newcomers, makes it a good choice even for those with no previous experience with the Japanese brand.


How likely is it that a series years’ 90 go back to the present day, without changing its formula and achieving enormous success? Few, especially if we think of the delta that separates the action experiences of the time, children of cabin cruisers and 2D graphics, with those of today. Yet the developers of Streets of Rage 4 have succeeded in the enterprise, putting together a visual sector that is both retro but also embellished with effects and a fluidity typical of today, with an immediate and very fun experience, alone but also in the company of friends . A game that would be worth enjoying locally in the company of a few friends, but that can also be enjoyed by making some compromises.


They have passed 10 years since the release of Skyrim, an eternity in the world of video games (and beyond). Yet after a decade, the role-playing game signed by Bethesda remains one of the most fascinating and complete products to be handled, deserving not only to be played but also replayed, as it is always full of new things to do and see. The Special Edition, released in 2016, includes a series of improvements and finishes that make it even more unmissable . On Xbox Cloud Gaming Skyrim could at times be challenging because there are moments of confusion and clashes in which it is necessary to be quick and on the piece, but all in all the long phases of exploration and infinite approaches to each challenge posed by the game, they give enough variety to make it an enjoyable title in the cloud anyway.


Another game that does not require great reflexes but tests the brain: managing a hospital is not simple and on the paper doesn’t even look like a very funny job, but the mix of mechanics elaborated by Two Point Studios combined with a very light and humorous tone, make it a product to try and play in the free remnants of the day .


Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, both featured on Xbox Cloud Gaming in their full editions, represent two of the most complex and complete products that an old school Western RPG enthusiast can experience nowadays . A leap into the past with few compromises and dozens of hours of exciting challenges, packed into a fascinating and detailed game world. Both can be played both with the controller and using the touch controls, giving a further choice and expanding the number of possible interactions.

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