Amazon: € 9 billion invested in Italy since its debut in 2010

Amazon invested 8.7 billion euros in Italy since the Italian version of the portal opened, 11 Years ago. Of these, 2.9 billion only in 2020 and 1.8 billion In the 2019. The news, which comes precisely in conjunction with the entry into the highlight of Black Friday 2021, includes several other notable data for the platform, including:

  • Beyond 12. 500 permanent jobs created from start to date
  • 3. 000 new jobs created in only 2021
  • 500 new jobs will be created between now and the end year
  • Considering the related business, Amazon has created as far as 85. 000 jobs in Italy
  • On average Amazon created over 20 jobs a week from the debut in Italy
  • On average, I am been paid 24, 5 million euros per month of salaries in the 2020; in 2019 were 17,2 millions. Merit of the increase in the workforce but also of the one-time thank-you bonus
  • Amazon is therefore the company that created the most jobs in Italy in the decade between 2011 and the 2020
Amazon aiuta ad individuare e acquistare i prodotti ecosostenibili

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Amazon also announced that since last month the base salary has gone up by 1. 550 € gross per month at 1. 680 €, again gross, which is 8% more of the minimum provided for by the relative CCNL. The company recalls that among its most attractive benefits is the Career Choice training program, which funds up to 95% training courses for employees who want to specialize in certain tasks.

In 2021, Amazon ushered in two distribution centers in Novara and Bergamo (precisely in Cividate al Piano), and a sorting center in Modena (in the municipality of Spilamberto). Investments in this regard amounted to 350 million euros . It also started work on the construction of a first distribution center in Abruzzo, which it will create 1. 000 new jobs. As if that were not enough, works are underway for the expansion of the Milan offices, the customer service center in Cagliari and the research and development center in Turin. In 2020 the Milan Region of Amazon Web Services was inaugurated.

Amazon also announced the first green initiatives that will affect directed Italy , as part of the objective “100% renewable “by 2025: these are two agro-photovoltaic plants of the latest generation, which will have a maximum production capacity of 104 MW.

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