Apple, historic turning point: official DIY repair program

Apple today formalizes the DIY repair program , and for users it is a historical turning point . In fact, the Cupertino company has always kept its links very tight on how to repair its devices, providing for strict rules to access the resources necessary to carry out these operations and providing for a small number of persons authorized to intervene. From today we change, and it cannot be excluded that the decision was adopted also in the wake of the strong criticisms generated by the case of the replacement of the iPhone screens 13 which disabled Face ID, which has already led Apple to turn around.

L ‘ The turning point consists of the Self Service Repair which, as specified in the official note:

will allow customers capable of repairing access to original Apple parts and tools


The program will go live at the beginning of 2022 starting from the US market, in the following months it will be activated in other markets (it is hoped that Italy will be included among these without major delays). The first Apple products to benefit from the treatment will include smartphones from the iPhone lines 12 and iPhone 13, after a while the Mac with M1.

The turning point is soon said: end users will join the 5+. 000 authorized service centers and 2. 800 subjects of the IRP network (Independent Repair Providers ) who already have access to

  • set off original spare parts
  • tools for complete repairs
  • repair

Specifically : Apple will make the r manuals available to customers Preparation, then will offer the option to purchase replacement parts through the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store . If, after repairing, customers return the damaged part to Apple, they will receive a credit in exchange that can be used to purchase the new component.

Encouraging confirmation of the initial offer of the official store of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 including over 200 components and tools which, according to Apple, will allow to carry out the most common repairs. The spare parts made available for purchase will therefore be those that are most easily subject to breakage or wear, namely displays, batteries and cameras.

Of course not everyone will have the necessary skills to complete the interventions, but the new program seems perfect for protecting the interests of small repairers who were not part of the IRP network (participation is quite expensive), as well as that of more experienced users who are familiar with electronics.

AND a good starting point to soften the harsh criticism received from qualified subjects such as iFixit and more generally from those who fight to assert the right to repair electronic devices. Of course, today’s promise is to be kept in the coming months, extended to the largest number of markets, and offered at reasonable prices – at the moment nothing is known about this last aspect.

Jeff Williams COO of Apple, for now points out:

Making original Apple parts more accessible gives our customers have more choice when repair is required. In the past three years, Apple has nearly doubled the number of service centers using genuine genuine parts, tools and training provided by Apple, and we are now giving an alternative to those who want to complete their own repairs themselves.

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