Apple, the accounts are fair: self-service repair will not affect iPhone sales

Apple’s Self Service Repair has made many people happy, by iPhone owners (for the moment only 12 And 13 and related variants) up to iFixit, which has been fighting for the right to repair for years. And probably will make Apple itself happy : image matter, first of all, because the introduction of do-it-yourself repair opens a new chapter in the history of the company and in the relationship with its customers. But there are also economic reasons: before making the final decision, in fact, the management of Cupertino will have made its reasoning, and will certainly have come to the conclusion that this opening will lead to benefits greater than costs , at least in the medium to long term.

Apple, svolta storica: ufficiale il programma per le riparazioni fai da te

Apple 17 Nov

Yes, because in the end it is not certain that there are many iPhone owners (and in the future also of Mac and more) who will delight in home repairs armed with kits and official manual. And, consequently, the average life cycle of an Apple smartphone at the end of the day should not undergo noticeable changes , making the sales of the new iPhones “safe”.

A first confirmation comes from a survey launched by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) which involved 2. 000 owners of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch in the United States who made the purchase between September 2020 and September 2021. They were asked to describe the status of the smartphone screen and battery, as it can provide a rough indication of the potential demand for do-it-yourself repairs and, consequently, the life cycle variations of the models in question. trade and sales of new products.

Well, the results show how in the end the percentage of users who could give up purchasing a new Apple product preferring to rely on Self Service Repair: “ it seems that relatively few owners would use the self-service repair program to postpone their next iPhone purchase , “explains Josh Lowitz of CIRP.

From the graphs it can be seen that:

  • only 6% of respondents have a broken screen and unusable, therefore necessarily to be replaced
  • the 65% does not report any problems with the display
  • the battery has serious problems in the 14% of cases

However, it is clear that the decision to replace an iPhone model with a newer one is not linked only under the condition of the display and battery. Various factors come into play that condition consumer choices , including the will to own the latest generation smartphone equipped with certain features and functionalities that, perhaps, the previous device – albeit intact – did not have.

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(update of 19 November 2021, hours 09: 52)

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