Apple Watch Series 7: unchanged processor and (thankfully) compatibility with bands

Apple Watch Series 7 was one of the novelties presented yesterday at the California Streaming event. It probably did not represent the update that everyone was waiting for in the wake of a trail of rumors that went in the direction of a major design change, but still between a larger and improved display, new measures to improve the construction, and ways of charging the refined batteries, there was no shortage of news. However, there is an aspect that Apple did not deal with during the presentation, nor subsequently with the dissemination of the press material: the processor integrated in the new smartwatch .


The reason is simple: the heart of the hardware platform seems to be in effect unchanged compared to what moves Watch Series 6. To reveal the interesting details is a reliable source: the developer Steve Troughton-Smith , based on the data contained in the latest version of Xcode, concluded that both Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6 integrate the same CPU t 8301 . Pending further feedback on any further changes to the SIP (System-In-Package) of the new model, the clues point in the direction of a processor that has not undergone significant changes compared to last year’s model.

There is a reason Apple didn’t talk about the Apple Watch Series 7 CPU this year…

… and it’s because it’s the exact same as last year’s Series 6 👀 In fact it doesn’t even get a new model number, it’s effectively just a chassis tweak

– Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) September 15, 2021

It is not the first time that Apple has decided to use the same CPU in passage from one generation of Apple Watch to another. The last time it was with Apple Watch Series 5 which had the same CPU (and GPU) as Series 4. It is therefore not obvious to trace the decision to the aforementioned lack of components or to production problems.


Fortunately not all the missing changes compared to the previous generation are to be welcomed negatively: Apple Watch Series 7 maintains compatibility with Apple Watch straps already on the market or. It was not a certain confirmation, given that the new generation arrives on the market in versions with a 41 and 45 mm , which replace the formats from 40 and 44 mm of Watch Series 6.

Jeff Williams himself debunked any doubts during the presentation. After hinting at the new Watch Series 7 colorways, the executive said:

is compatible with all existing straps

Apple has already updated its official store, adding the new straps that come with every new generation of Apple Watch (approx. 100 on this occasion), and providing the compatibility details:

Most bands can be paired with any Apple Watch Series 3 or later with a case of the same size. Straps of 41 mm are suitable for cases of 12 mm and 40 mm, those from 45 mm to the tills from 42 mm and 44 mm.

Solo Loop and Solo Loop braided bands are only compatible with Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 or later. The cases of 40 mm and 41 mm can be combined with straps in sizes 1–9, those of 44 mm and 45 mm with straps in sizes 4 – 12.

In summary, except for the Solo Loop straps, the general rule is that the new chest straps from 38 are also suitable for Apple Watches with a 12 and 40 mm, those for cash from 45 can be used on models from 42 And 44 mm. The same matches apply to existing straps: 12 and 40 on Apple Watch Series 7 of 41 mm, strap of 42 And 44 mm on Apple Watch Series 7 from 45 mm.

In case of doubt about the compatibility of the specific strap with the your model (whether it is a new Apple Watch Series 7 or a previous generation one), it is useful to check the compatibility details shown in the product sheet.

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