AppleCare +: the cost to repair the rear glass of the iPhone drops

Yesterday evening Apple presented the new iPhones 13 , all protected by glass Ceramic Shield which guarantees good resistance to breakage and scratches. But, as the good Zack Nelson of the channel says JerryRigEverything , the glass is still glass and is destined to break , which is why purchasing the extended warranty offered by AppleCare + remains an option to consider especially if you want to avoid the hefty repair costs otherwise imposed by Apple.

As of yesterday, AppleCare + has become even more interesting, as the Cupertino house has actually reduced the deductible required for the repair of the rear glass of iPhones , equating it to that of the front glass which amounts to 29 EUR. We remind you that previously this cost was equal to 99 euro , or the same that is applied in the case of other damages which involve the complete replacement of the smartphone.

The reason why the breaking of the rear glass was so expensive was due precisely to the impossibility of replacing only the panel broken – due to the assembly methods -, which also led in this case to the replacement of the smartphone. Since the beginning of 2021, Apple has developed a system that allows to carry out procedure in a much simpler way , thus getting to repair the glass without having to change the phone, which is why the repair cost is back in line with that of the front glass. Please note that this change applies only to iPhone 13, 13 mini, Pro, Pro Max and last year’s models.

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