Battlefield 2042, the latest leak disappoints fans

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most anticipated titles of the year: the beta of early October, which we also have shown on HDBlog’s Twitch channel, it was a hit with 7.7 million players. But when expectations are really high, there is always the risk that discontent spreads quickly and destructively on the internet, like the cyclones that hit the battlefield of the new game. A phenomenon that favors this scenario is certainly the partial way in which information arrives through leaks, and this is the case of the anticipation that is circulating in these hours on Reddit , and which is causing discussion.

A user, in fact, claims to already have the game and has started sharing images to try it out. One in particular, the one that seems to show the totality of the weapons present, made a lot of noise: the arsenal of multiplayer and single player would amount to sun 22 weapons.

Specifically, it would be three secondary weapons, three weapons utility, three sniper rifles, three long-range rifles, four SMGs, two LMGs and finally four assault rifles. The reaction of the community has not been particularly soft in front of this prospect, since we are talking about a rather small quantity compared to that of the other chapters of the series.

However, there are some considerations to make: first of all, the screen does not include the weapons of the Portal mode. And in addition, as we all know, the games now usually come out on the market ready to receive a day one patch, beyond the dozens of updates and additional content during their vital window: in short, this and other aspects of Battlefield 2042 could, for example, belong to a pre-release version still incomplete, and destined to be “retouched” already at the exit . The 19 November , the day set for launch , it’s close: we’ll find out soon.

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