Bezos, you have to spend money on Earth, not Space: the response to the criticism arrives

Jeff Bezos, like other billionaires engaged in space exploration , have been the object of criticism, including from foreground like the UN, for the huge amount of resources intended for this sector, which could instead be used to solve more “ terrestrial ” problems , such as world hunger. The founder of Amazon and Blue Origin spoke on the subject during the Ignatius Forum, responding to the reproaches that had been addressed to him.

Regarding investments in the aerospace sector and those aimed at improving living conditions on Earth, Bezos stated: we need both, these two things are deeply connected. Going more into the merits, Bezos confirmed that the sums allocated for the Earth Fund, born in 2020 are higher than those invested by Blue Origin for space travel. Please note that the fund aims to spend (at least) billions dollars by 2030 to combat climate change.

Bezos then spoke of the importance of space travel pointing out that there is so much to do here and now, and we cannot forget it. But at the same time, in a deeply connected way, we must look to the future . We humans have always done both . This planet is so small, if we are to continue growing as a civilization, using more energy, most of it in the future will have to be done out of planet. The last passage ties in with previous statements by Bezos who argued that in the future all the polluting industry must be relocated to space.

Presented in this way, some of Bezos’ arguments can also be considered acceptable. One of the reasons that has poured out criticism of its recent aerospace ventures is that Blue Origin hasn’t proven to be that useful to humanity, at least not in the immediate future. Organizing space trips for the rich does not bring great benefits to the well-being of the Earth – snubbed even by those who are not really poor – while the other projects remain rather smoky: Project Kuiper is far behind SpaceX’s Starlink, Bezos had to swallow a bitter mouthful by losing the battle to win the contract for the supply of the Artemis mission lander which will bring man back to the moon (by 2025, according to the new roadmap), and Oribital Reef is little more than a sketchy project, which will still take years to finalize.

Finally, some unhappy jokes that Bezos made after the first Blue Origin space trip did not help in terms of communication, pointing out, in essence, that the mission had been paid for by Amazon’s workers and customers. These observations are objective, but they come at a time when the workers and economies of many countries were (as they still are) severely affected by the effects of the pandemic.

In his latest speech Bezos tried to convince the public that he is moving both on Earth and in Space for noble purposes . More than words we need facts . A simple enough one, given Amazon’s balance sheets and the fortune of its founder, could be contributing to the $ 6 billion donation the World Food Program Executive Director recently invited to make with the appeal to billionaires like Bezos and Musk. : would be enough to save 42 millions of people who risk dying of hunger .

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