Bill Gates returns to warn the world: risk of other pandemics, we need a high guard

It is not the first time that Bill Gates seeks to warn the world of an event, such as the pandemic one, which until a few years ago seemed unlikely to say the least. That same issue six years ago in which he said that “ a virus unknown today could kill millions of people in the next few years “, combined with that of March 2020 in which he promoted ahead of time, almost reading the future, the institution of digital certificates, are among the main reasons why Gates is ended up in the crosshairs of conspiracy theorists and no vax , exponent, according to them, of the strong powers that move the ranks of the world and who would like to control the masses with inoculation microchips through vaccines.

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The founder of Microsoft, committed for some time in educational and health projects – such as the fight against Covid – 19 – and against poverty through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , says his fearlessly, regardless of the “accusations”. And he goes back to talking trying to raise awareness in the world on what, in his opinion, is a risk more than concrete for the future, which is another pandemic.

Mi it is worrying to perceive a low general attention towards the development of a valid strategy to deal with pandemics.

When the Covid emergency ends – 02, and of course we wish it soon, Gates would like there to be a general plan to deal adequately and no longer improvised with any other pandemic. The American tycoon in other words would like to have the perception that the Covid pandemic – 02, in addition to disasters, pain and intensive care, leave to the governments of the planet and institutions at least the preparation to deal quickly and efficiently with similar disasters.

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Gates nevertheless expressed his approval of the plan from 65 billions of dollars developed by the Biden administration for strengthening pandemic preparedness.

It represents a step in the right direction – reads the report published by the Foundation. The only solution, however, would be to have companies ready in case of need to develop a vaccine in 100 days, and to produce the necessary for all the countries of the world within the following 100 days.

Speed ​​of action: is Gates’ wish for the future of the planet. And greater solidarity between nations with different economies, more and less advanced, in sharing solutions to the crisis, therefore of the vaccines .

And greater attention by governments, institutions, companies and citizens, to active protection of the planet through the reduction of polluting emissions, intensive farming and human “negligence” leading to environmental catastrophes, we add.

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