Black Friday Amazon: from November 19 live all discounts, offers and promotions

The Amazon Black Friday 2021 has started and will go live from 19 November, one week earlier than the actual day that the calendar would like: 26 November. One 10 non-stop days of offers, discounts, opportunities not to be missed and many products at reduced prices . A pre-Christmas period that we invite you to follow on since, as we did last year for Black Friday, we will follow the event with dedicated live, articles and lots of contents able to give you all the possibilities to take advantage of the best discounts, as always checked and verified.


Black Friday 2021 of Amazon will officially begin on 19 November , or rather on the night of 18 November c on the offers that will officially start from midnight (00: 01) and will end at 23: 59 of the 29 November. Lots of discounted products with truly exceptional prices for a series of WOW offers that will be published on the site and that could last even a few minutes as happened last Black Friday.

A period of discounts that will continue in December with a sure train of offers that will make the whole period very interesting and obviously we will follow by also checking the other online e-commerce that could indirectly participate in this week of technology discounts.

Lightning Deals in evidence: during the Black On Friday, over one million deals will be available globally, including Lightning Deals . These deals will include aggressive pricing on top brands and the deals will include some of the hottest products of the year.


If you really want to have access to all offers, discounts and the best products at great prices , HDblog is the right place to be between the 19 and the 29 November. The activities that will be carried out will be many and obviously will have as protagonists a whole series of contents dedicated to Black Friday 1135. We already have the main offers and therefore we are already analyzing the most interesting products that you will find in the following articles:

  • LIVE BLOG TECHNOLOGY – our classic live with all the technology offers that will be inserted continuously for 2 days starting from midnight on 19 November.
  • DEDICATED ARTICLES – we will create a series of dedicated contents with all the best offers divided by product category to make you immediately find the products you are looking for at the best price.
  • ADVANCE ARTICLE 17 NOVEMBER – at the stroke of midnight on 19 November an article (or more) will be published containing all the offers that will last for the single day or for the entire event and all the offers that will be available until 29 November – which will therefore be active until exhaustion. These are products that will be available throughout the day and there will be no flash offers or super discount products for a few minutes which will instead be included in the LIVE BLOG.
  • LIVE TELEGRAM – obviously not only the site but also on our Telegram channel the offers will be inserted. But be careful, the Telegram channel will not be a repeat of the live blog but we will contain (as much as possible) the updates using Telegram to show you only the best offers, WOW discounts and promotions unmissable. So we invite you to follow us in order to be notified, at least in those 48 hours then you can silence everything, on your smartphone on all the best real offers – SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL, CLICK HERE.

These are the contents that will be published on the site and on our channels and which will allow you to have a complete view of the offers. In addition, the community through comments and not only will be able to discuss, advise and express their opinion on the offers, products and discounts that will be included.


As for any particular event, on the HDblog Home Page and in a special section of the articles, you will find the best offers selected by the editorial staff. A simple, fast and immediate way to not miss the most important discounts and to be able to see them even if you are browsing in pages other than those related to the articles dedicated to Black Friday 2021.

The offers will be updated continuously with a variation that could be even a few minutes given the amount of deals, promotions and discounts that may exist in the various online e-commerce.

As always, the reference prices will not take into account the product list but the average price of the last 3 months at which you can buy that good.


Lightning Deals Featured: Thousands will be available during Black Friday of deals globally, including WOW Offers . These deals will include jaw-dropping prices on top brands and WOW Offers will include some of the hottest products of the year.

  • Amazon Music : those who have not yet tried Amazon Music Unlimited can subscribe for four months of free use. HERE for registration.
  • Kindle Unlimited : 3 months of use in promotion. HERE registration.
  • Prime Membership : super recommended and free for first month. HERE registration.
  • Amazon Coupons : discounts on everyday items, electronics, clothing and much more. HERE info.


Although it is not mandatory to subscribe to Prime, many of the offers that will be included in HDblog and that will be published on Amazon, will be dedicated only to customers who have done the Amazon Prime subscription. So we strongly advise you to do this for two reasons:

  • The subscription to Amazon Prime is Free for the first ones 30 days. If you register today, you can have access to all offers, discounts, free shipping until after Prime Day without spending anything. You can also turn off paid renewal before you are even charged a single Euro. In this way you can take advantage of all the benefits without any expense – FREE AMAZON PRIME SUBSCRIPTION.
  • Prime users then have a series of enormous advantages that not only concern access to offers but which we list below.


Although there are no official confirmations yet, it is very likely, given the previous appointments, that the Amazon Warehouse discount will return. How does it work:

  • Amazon Prime customers can save the 30% ( depending on the promotion if there will be) on thousands of used and refurbished products for kitchen, home, office, sports and outdoor activities, including major appliances, furniture, home decorations and much more.
  • To find them, if the promo is confirmed, you can search for them on the page


Below are all the best offers already active before 19 November, starting day of Black Friday (albeit one week in advance).

Cosa comprare al Black Friday 2021: guida completa per risparmiare davvero

Amazon 19 Nov

Fire TV 4K Max, Echo 4, Echo Auto, Kindle e Blink aprono il Black Friday 2021

Amazon 16 Nov

Macbook Pro 16 M1 Pro dove trovarlo al miglior prezzo al Black Friday 2021

Apple 17 Nov

Tre Robot aspirapolvere già in sconto senza aspettare il Black Friday 2021

Amazon 17 Nov

Fuori Tutto Domotica: allarmi, telecamere e campanelli al Black Friday

Home automation 17 Nov

Realme GT Neo2 sorprende in super promo Black Friday

Smartphone 17 Nov

Controllate la casa domotica con 45€: Echo Show 5 imperdibile al Black Friday

Technology 17 Nov

Yeppon anticipa il Black Friday 2021: tante offerte tech e per la casa da non perdere

Offers 16 Nov

Migliori acquisti tra 100 e 200 euro Black Friday 2021

Accessories 17 Nov

Videocamere di sorveglianza Blink in super sconto al Black Friday 2021

Home automation 16 Nov

Black Friday 2021: i 10 migliori prodotti a meno di 100 euro da comprare in offerta

Accessories 16 Nov

Black Friday 2021: i 10 migliori prodotti a meno di 50 euro da comprare in offerta

Accessories 16 Nov

Black Friday 2021: i 10 migliori gadget  in offerta da comprare

Accessories 16 Nov

Black Friday 2021: LG Gram 16

LG 15 Nov

Philips OneBlade la miglior scelta per radersi in offerta al Black Friday

Amazon 14 Nov

10 cose davvero in offerta da comprare al Black Friday 2021

13 Nov

Black Friday al caldo con Tado: la casa domotica smart al miglior prezzo

Home automation 13 Nov


If you want to buy the best consumer electronics products on Prime Day 2021, we suggest you look at the list of our favorite tech devices. You can find it by clicking on the image or link below:



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