Call of Duty Vanguard, all the details of the new Beta: dates and methods

At launch, set for November 5th, there is still a little time left: but soon it will already be possible to open fire in Call of Duty Vanguard . Like? Thanks to the new Beta , of course, of which Activision has just provided all the details: let’s find out together. Starting, of course, with the time window in which you can catapult yourself onto the battlefield. The hostilities will open today, Thursday 16 September, from 19, and will last until Monday 20 September, again at 19.

For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners there is a small advantage: the first two days will be in Open Access, therefore no pre-order is required. Necessary condition (alternatively to a code to play) instead for users of Xbox Series X or S, Xbox One and PC via In addition, Xbox players will also need to have an Xbox Live membership in order to join the party.

From Saturday 18 September at 19 and until Monday 20 September at 19, however, the beta becomes open, and therefore accessible to all players on all platforms without being required no pre-order (nor Xbox Live subscription on Microsoft consoles).


If you are curious to find out what you can do in this first, fleeting raid in Call of Duty Vanguard, then you just have to keep reading: below is all the information released by Activision.

  • Other Game Modes

  • Outside of Champion Hill – a fast and frenetic tournament: Solo, Couple and Threesome – Vanguard will introduce another new game mode: Patrol. Based on Hardpoint, this goal-focused mode features an almost constant moving scoring zone
  • These modes are in addition to the classic offers already present in Call of Duty . Modes like Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination and Search & Destroy are just a few of those returning with Vanguard and playable in the Beta
  • Combat rhythm: different game modes

  • A new Combat Pacing system offers a new dynamic where the player chooses. For multiplayer, the following Combat Pacing options are available:
    • Tactics: the franchise veteran lobbies know him well. Tactical Comat Pacing is always 6v6.
    • Assault: This option provides a balanced combat pace that gives room to breathe and targets to kill. In Beta Weekend 1, the number of players will vary between 20 and 28 players.
    • Blitz: high-rise lobby action, with the intensity increased to frantic levels. In the Beta of the 1 Weekend, the number of players varies between 28 and 48 players.
  • Those who want to enter the game can set the Combat Pace to “All” and get a variety of combat rhythms between each match

  • Craft equipment and a gunsmith
    • When choosing equipment for the Multiplayer level, players will arm themselves at the gunsmith within Create-a-Class. The Gunsmith will now be equipped with a maximum of attack slots on some weapons, allowing thousands of additional possibilities to improve almost any combat scenario and play style.
    • For example, shotguns can now be equipped with a “Buck Slug”, a bullet filled with short range buckshot and a shot for a longer range – expect more accessories that adjust the caliber of a weapon to affect bullet penetration, rate of fire, and more.

  • Reactive environments, assembly and blind fire
    • Once you have the weapon, you can traverse the map to defeat the enemies. Tactical destruction is the selling point for Sledgehammer’s innovations to the game, so wait to jump through walls, doors and windows or destroy scenery, structures and other objects to flush out pesky campers.
    • When in cover, you have two options to fire back in addition to the normal hip fire or sight to the bottom: the first is mounting, although operators can “slide” their mounted weapon along the vertical or horizontal surface to move.
    • The other is blind fire – with some accuracy, this maneuver allows for better coverage in situations where you are about to experience saturation focus .

  • Operator leveling and favorite weapons
    • In addition vi is the leveling of the operators. By earning operator experience points, you can unlock new skins, make-up, calling cards and more simply by playing games with a specific operator. Each Operator also has a favorite weapon.
    • For example : Polina Petrova’s favorite weapon is the 3-line rifle. In addition to being a tool for her character that suits her background, it also has a purpose for the gameplay: when you use this weapon while playing as Polina, you receive additional XP.
    • Polina is also one of the six Operators available for the Beta. While operator leveling won’t be available until launch, you can still get to know her, Daniel Yatsu, Roland Zelmet, Lucas Riggs, Wade Jackson and Arthur Kingsley during this experience!

All players who reach the level 20 within the Beta will receive the Rat-A-Tat weapon blueprint at the launch of Vanguard, and those who play the Beta will be able to unlock the Operator of Task Force One, Sergeant Arthur Kingsley for use in Call of Duty: Mobile.

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