arrives in Italy: 700 thousand used cars and returned within 14 days

The way to buy cars is changing and more and more Italians decide to use online tools to buy a vehicle. This does not only concern the market for new cars but also for used ones. In our country, a new digital marketplace is now arriving within which people can buy a used car, which joins the existing ones of other players. We speak of which makes available to customers about 700 thousand cars from all over Europe.


This large marketplace is not limited, however, to sell the cars as also offers a range of services including financing , the extended warranty of 12 months and the possibility of return the car within 14 days of purchase . The cars that customers can view on the site and then buy, have a maximum of 8 years of life and a mileage not exceeding 160 thousand Km.

More importantly, before the sale, each car is subjected to a comprehensive CarAudit . That is, the cars are checked in detail by a qualified mechanic, anywhere in Europe. Only those in perfect condition will be delivered to customers. Once the vehicle has passed the verification, the customer can take out a loan, also valid for cars purchased abroad, an insurance contract and choose the delivery directly to the home address.

Before being sold to the customer, the cars are purchased by Carvago. With this procedure, the warranty is ensured and the car can be easily returned in case of problems. The warranty of 12 months can be further extended up to 5 years. And speaking of the withdrawal, the return within 14 days can take place without any precise reason . To manage the expansion operations also in Italy, has chosen Antonio Gentile as Country Manager.

Carvago quickly established itself in the Czech market, where the service has been available since October last year. By the end of the first quarter 2022 an expansion is expected in four other European countries.

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