Chip Crisis: It's a golden age for smaller smelters

The Chip Crisis shows no signs of slowing down, but what for many realities seems to be an insurmountable drama, for others is becoming an opportunity without previous to be able to consolidate its position in the market. Within this category we find many minor foundries that over the years have become the third or fourth choice of device manufacturers, due to their backwardness of production processes.

The scarce availability of chips is indeed leading several companies to turn to foundries able to satisfy their demand even in the face of the need to compromise with worse technological solutions . On the other hand, the crisis is far from over and ARM itself has recently admitted that it has never seen such a situation, in which some orders can only be fulfilled afterwards 60 weeks.

If then TSMC, Samsung and even Intel have their own fully saturated production lines, smaller foundries of the caliber of

Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Onsemi, Infineon and NXP Semiconductors are experiencing a particularly positive phase, to the point of finding themselves in their hands with a bargaining power that they have never experienced before.

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An interesting example is that of Microchip , which has profoundly changed its policies due to the enormous demand it has faced: if it first accepted that a perter canceled their orders within 90 days from the shipment of the chips, now has decided to fulfill only customer orders that require at least months of supply, without allowing the possibility of canceling or modifying them.

The same happened also for the other foundries, which are now found in front of a sustained demand that allows them to even make a selection of companies with which to collaborate, preferring the most profitable contracts. This is also leading to a rapid evolution of foundries, given that they can now count on a greater number of capital and feedback that favors the modernization of their supply chain .

The use of old production processes, moreover, it does not represent a problem for many realities, such as those related to the automotive sector . These in fact prefer to rely on a more tested and secure process , whose reliability it has already been tested and guaranteed in various fields, rather than throwing oneself towards the latest invention that does not provide the same safety. In short, the chip crisis has become a real opportunity for many small companies.

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