Chip Crisis, Nvidia: End of Tunnel in 2023. Current Demand Will Remain

The chip crisis will accompany us throughout the 2022 . The number one of Nvidia is convinced of this, a company that is not directly involved in the production of the chips themselves but which is closely linked to their fate, being the world leader in the GPU market. There are just no margins to get out of it in the short term , but also extending the time horizon to the year to come, the panorama over there remains dark and in some ways disturbing.

I think that even in the 2022 demand will be far higher than supply, and we don’t have any tricks up our sleeve to play to solve procurement problems. We are supported by our suppliers, and we are fortunate both to have more than one to diversify the supply chain and to have a very large company, which puts us in a position to have a large ecosystem around – said Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia.

The chip crisis spares no one , not even automotive companies: Tesla has recently seen forced to deliver some Tesla Model 3 and Model Y without USB inputs, a decision that in other times would have caused consumers to rise up and that instead, in the current lean period, seems the only way not to completely stop entire market segments. Some rumors have pointed the finger at Texas Instruments in an attempt to explain, at least partially, the current difficulties.

Per Intel la crisi dei chip durerà almeno fino al 2023 ma il mercato dei PC è in salute

Economy and market 22 Oct

Huang believes that sooner or later (more “later” than “earlier”) the chip crisis will end, unlike the current high levels of demand which will not run out .

Consumers are building an increasing number of home stations because it happens much more frequently now that their home is also their office. And when they are at home on average they prefer a desktop computer, which is why this industry is doing incredibly booming

. I think this dynamic is here to stay , we’ll see for a while longer of time people intent on choosing or assembling new computers to create their own home station: the implications are there for all to see.

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