Clean Motion Re: volt, electric delivery vehicle that recharges with the sun

The advent of electric mobility is giving many companies the opportunity to show off and present particular models, in some cases even innovative, at least on paper . The Swedish company Clean Motion presented Re: volt , a battery-powered vehicle designed for urban deliveries that is characterized by be able to have solar panels integrated that contribute to recharging the battery. Let’s see its main features.


Its measurements are 3. 000 mm length x 1. 400 mm width x 1. 700 mm height. The load capacity reaches 2. 500 liters. The empty weight is 250 kg and the maximum weight is 700 kg. Equipped with three wheels, it has an essential design that is somewhat reminiscent of that of the Piaggio Ape. Re: volt was designed to be functional. The modular construction allows the vehicle to be easily configured according to the customer’s needs.

The engine has a power of 4 kW . The batteries have a capacity between 2.5 and 10 kWh. Depending on the battery chosen, the autonomy varies between 70 and 280 km . Its most interesting aspect, as mentioned, is the integration of solar panels in the roof (600 W) which allow add up to 130 km per day depending on the geographical area in which the vehicle is located .

The maximum autonomy, therefore, can reach in some conditions i 400 km, according to the manufacturer. This result is also possible thanks to the low weight of the vehicle.

We are not the only ones integrate solar panels into vehicles. What sets us apart is the energy efficiency of our vehicles. In fact, the solar roof makes them self-sufficient in energy terms. This implies that with only 40 kg of batteries we can guarantee an autonomy of 280 km, even in the northernmost latitudes where the sun is not really a reliable source of energy.

The price starts from 9. 000 EUR. Re: volt will be available starting the end of 2022 . Currently, the company is looking for partners to be able to customize the final details of the platform. The aim is to create a complete offer for the European transport market, just like with the Zbee model.

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