Coinbase: The NFT platform will be more like Instagram than Ebay

Coinbase is preparing to launch its new section dedicated to NFTs and CEO Brian Armstrong has interesting prospects for the platform . According to Armstrong, in fact, non-fungible tokens will represent a big future growth engine for Coinbase, to the point that could even outweigh cryptocurrency trading , thus becoming one of the central businesses for the platform.

On the other hand, the world of NFTs – here is our special to discover them better – is growing more and more and aims to be one of the main keys of the future Facebook metaverse ( but not only ) precisely because of its ability to create a unique representative in the digital world of a real object or work of art.

Armstrong further points out that Coinbase’s approach to the world of NFTs will be more similar to that offered by Instagram , rather than presenting itself as an eBay-style auction house. The aim is to build not only a market that allows you to trade and sell NFTs, but also a platform with a strong social component .

To make the issue even more interesting we thought the intervention of the president of Coinbase and COO Emilie Choi, who confirmed that the company is spending a lot of energy precisely in the direction of integrating NFTs with the metaverse and that it wishes to focus a lot on the opportunities that will be made possible by these new scenarios that will play a fundamental role in the future of the economy and the network.


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