DAZN, it is assumed that the simultaneous dual use will be stopped for each subscription


DAZN would have decided: stop the possibility of simultaneous viewing of the same content on two devices, which are located at a distance from each other, through the same subscription.

As reported by the Sun 24 Hours, the streaming platform, owner of the Serie A rights for the next 3 years, would have decided to definitely pull the brake on what is called ” concurrency “ is defined in point 8.3 of the general conditions of use. At the start there would already be official communications to subscribers who will be able to accept the unilateral change or exercise the right of withdrawal within 30 days from receipt. Therefore, everything should be completed by the end of the year.

At the basis of this important decision there would be the will to put an end to the fraudulent use of accesses to the platform which, in fact, would reduce the value of rights. A move, therefore, also considered in the interest of the Lega Serie A clubs.

The concurrency, according to what is regulated in the contractual conditions, should allow the sharing of the season ticket only in “family”. However, platforms have multiplied on the net that allow you to share the same subscription – be it DANZ, Netflix, Disney + or other – with another person, even completely unrelated to the family environment.

But interest, as the Sun points out 24 Hours, it would also be that of try to give new life to the season ticket campaign which slowed down after the initial acceleration. According to internal data, in fact, the 20% of the “fraudulent uses” “of the concurrency.

This” novelty “is in addition to another one arrived in recent days but of a decidedly different nature. Starting from next November 20 November, in fact, on the occasion of the 13 to the day of Serie A, DAZN confirmed the arrival of the streaming in resolution 1080 p which can benefit subscribers who have internet connections capable of guaranteeing constant 8 mbit / s .

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