DAZN, the meeting with the MISE ended: no change of rules and stop to inefficiencies

As expected, the meeting was held today among the top management of DAZN, the minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and the honorable undersecretary Anna Ascani , a comparison wanted by the Minister of Economic Development to “ make clarity, for the protection of consumers “regarding the rumors about possible changes to what is called” concurrency “. For this season everything will remain unchanged . Therefore, subscribers to the streaming platform will be able to continue to have the possibility of viewing the same content simultaneously on two devices, even at a distance between them.

DAZN, ufficiale: non ci sarà nessun cambiamento nella stagione in corso

High Definition 11 Nov


At the end of today’s meeting, DAZN published a press release in which reiterated its “ maximum commitment in the path undertaken when, at the end of March 2021, the broadcasting rights for the Serie A football championship were assigned. DAZN underlined the important investments already made in addition to those planned for the next seasons.

Beyond the initial investment overall o 2.4 billion euros for the three seasons , for the broadcast of Serie A, DAZN has intensively worked on the development of the technological part, for the benefit of the entire country, enhancing the existing infrastructures through DAZN Edge and, to the advantage of the quality of the service, optimizing the reception of images. This work which, only for this first season, has already seen an investment of over 10 million euro , will be further strengthened in the course of the next seasons.


As confirmed in recent weeks, as proof of this, by the end of November it will be available and will enter FULL HD function, 1080 P , which will ensure greater image definition. Furthermore, on the subject of quality, the company undertakes to continue and accelerate the development of Multicast, which leads to a reduction in buffering – the slowdown of the image – by more than 50%.


DAZN also recalled that, with regard to the disservice of the last 23 September, for which the company immediately assumed responsibility, provided for and made reimbursements for a total amount of 10 millions, one month for all impacted customers. Indemnity that it is ready to offer again in the future should problems of its direct responsibility arise.

Furthermore, in the path of attention to the consumer, DAZN is ready to further develop and strengthen the Customer Service both from a technical point of view and with operators, to always ensure maximum reactivity and attention to the requests of its customers.


The last point of the note concerns the main topic of discussion, reiterating that there will be no changes in the use of the service during this season and that any type of change will be communicated in a clear and transparent manner and within the appropriate time frame .

DAZN, finally, he hopes that there will be further opportunities for discussion with the Minister, the Institutions and the Authorities, with the o goal of developing issues of collective interest in the right way.


DAZN, therefore, has not ruled out that changes may be made for the next championship to stem contractual abuses and the rampant phenomenon of piracy. Aspects that, in addition to not allowing to cover the expenses incurred, could also lead to problems with TIM that it would be ready to review the contract due to a subscriber base for the Serie A package that has not grown as expected.

According to unofficial estimates, in fact, they would be among the 550 thousand and i 700 thousand users for Tim’s football package against goals that are at least twice as high. Also considering the investments made by TIM to drive the commercial offer and the infrastructural ones,

quantifiable this year as at least 70 million , the total in 3 years would exceed € 2 billion, excessive outlay considered this subscriber base. The hypothesis of a revenue sharing mechanism between DAZN and the tlc group is now being examined.

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