Enhanced Sky Go: More features at no additional cost to subscribers

Important day for Sky subscribers who use Sky Go . The app to access Sky’s contents in streaming (from smartphones, tablets and PCs), currently used by 2.4 million users, it is enriched with new features, without providing for additional costs to exploit them. More specifically, starting from today, all the functions of Sky Go Plus are included for free in the subscription . Sky customers can therefore take advantage of:

  • Download & Play: allows you to download content and start playback even without an Internet connection;
  • Restart, Pause and Replay : the option to restart the live program from the beginning, pause it or review a specific sequence;
  • Option to associate up to four devices and modify them directly from the Sky Go app (as well as via the My Sky app and the DIY area);
  • Sky synchronization Go with the contents present in the Sky Q satellite or Sky Q box without an enabled dish : it will be sufficient to connect the device running the app to the same WiFi network and the box. In this way it will be possible to access the Sky Q recordings and additional Sky channels on mobile devices from home, or to resume watching the programs started in another room.

Finally, the procedure to start using the app for the first time has been simplified time : just download it, log in with your Sky ID and accept terms and conditions. To take advantage of the new functions, it is advisable to check that you have installed the latest version of the app available in the Android and iOS stores.

Sky, i film in prima visione a novembre 2021

High Definition 21 Oct

To stay in theme of news related to Sky, please note that it is still valid until 14 next November the promotional offer that allows you to subscribe to the subscription including Sky TV, Sky Cinema and Netflix at the discounted price of 19, 90 euro / month.

  • Sky Go | iOS | Apple App Store, Free
  • Sky Go | Android | Google Play Store, Free

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