ENI with Plenitude focuses on electric cars. 31,000 charging points in 2030

ENI announced the birth of Plenitude , a new company in which its activities related to the renewables will converge , energy distribution and electric mobility . Speaking strictly of the electric mobility sector where ENI has been very active for some time, especially after the acquisition of Be Power which controls the Be Charge network, the new company has very ambitious goals. In fact, by 2030 aims to have over 31. 000 charging points in Europe .


However, we will work to ensure that the greatest possible part of the charging network for electric vehicles by 2025 (until 27. 000 charging points). Currently, following the acquisition of Be Power, Plenitude is the second largest operator in Italy with approximately 6. 500 recharging points.

Obviously, in order to achieve the objectives mentioned above, in the coming years the new company will continue to work on expanding its charging network through the installation of additional charging points in areas already guaranteed and in new areas, including an international expansion plan that can leverage the existing network of ENI filling stations and commercial partnerships with strategic players.

Plenitude also aims to ensure that this activity can generate income. According to what was communicated, the aim is to 2025 to obtain a revenue of 600 million euros and an EBITDA of approximately 100 million euros.

This is certainly interesting news that highlights how ENI is accelerating its projects relating to electric mobility to become one of the main players in the charging sector. Good news also from the point of view of the availability of infrastructures . With the rise of electric cars it is important that charging stations grow rapidly. It will therefore be very interesting to find out over time the results on the front of the columns of this new reality. Plenitude will go public next year.

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