Epic CEO praises Korea for winning Google. Vitriolic words for Apple


Yet another paragraph in the chapter, which seems infinite, “Epic Games Against All” . The development house of Fortnite and company has been engaged for months in a fight in the last courtroom against the two biggest giants of the technology landscape, Apple and Google. And if in the vein that sees it opposing the latter it has already collected a historic victory , with regard to the Apple something is moving even if to date there is still nothing concrete.

So Tim Sweeney “freed” all of his anger towards Apple and expressed his dissatisfaction against Google for the way which he interpreted the decision of the National Assembly of South Korea. During an app conference that took place in Korea, the “field” on which Google has lost the battle with the company it is at the helm, the CEO of Epic Games did not miss the opportunity to attack the “duopoly” – defined it as follows – by Apple and Google .

The invective, reported by Bloomberg, against Cupertino is very harsh.

Apple binds one billion people to a single virtual store and d only one payment system. Apple respects the oppressive laws of some countries in which it operates, laws that monitor users and deprive them of political rights, the same company that now ignores the laws enacted by Korean democracy. Apple must be stopped .


Barely more “soft” , at least in the cut, the statements addressed to Google , which was forced by the National Assembly of Korea a week ago South to contemplate alternative payment systems to the default one of the Play Store. Sweeney did not go down however – understandably – the fact that in Mountain View they have aligned themselves with the new regulations, with the Big G store that has already been allowing for a few days to choose whether to pay for content in the app through the Play Store or other platforms, while maintaining a levy (reduced, the 11% instead of 15%) on the amounts conveyed by alternative platforms .

“It’s a crazy choice , crazy, that of Google “, Sweeney said before praise the provision of the Korean Assembly.

I am very proud to oppose this kind of monopoly with you. I am proud to be by your side and to be able to say that I am Korean too.

Neither Google nor Apple wanted to comment on the statements of the CEO of Epic. Apple previously made it known that it did not feel obliged to make changes to its way of operating in Korea following the new laws passed by the Assembly.

Sweeney, during his visit to Korea, revealed that he is working on a “universal” shop .

What the digital world needs is a single store that works across all platforms. Currently the ownership of the software is fragmented between the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store, several stores for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, and then again the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store. We are working with developers and service providers to arrive at a system that allows users to purchase software in one virtual place knowing that it will be available to everyone devices and on all platforms .

Appointment to the next paragraph of a still very intricate story.

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