Eternals on Disney +: when (and how) the new Marvel movie arrives

It will also be a controversial film – the latest effort by director Cloè Zaho is dividing audiences and critics – but the fact remains that for those who follow the evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eternals remains an unmissable event – even more so if the vision comes to crown the reading of the comics dedicated to the group of characters of the Marvel universe designed by Jack Kirby. The film hit theaters on November 3 and the question that subscribers to Disney + are made è (if and) when it will be published on the platform streaming.

Interesting confirmations have arrived in the past few hours from the company’s top management : Commenting on the financial results for the last quarter, Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney, confirmed that both Eternals and the animated film Encanto will be included in the Disney + offer, once the period of exclusive transmission in cinemas has ended . This means that you will have to wait at least 10 days which run from 3 November last; the film could thus arrive even before Christmas.

Might, because Disney has been trying a distribution model for months flexible content , partly conditioned by the progress of the pandemic. Think of Black Widow, which arrived simultaneously in both cinemas and Disney + with VIP access, or Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, first distributed exclusively in cinemas at the beginning of September and from tomorrow on Disney +, without VIP access ( read at no additional cost) but well beyond the term of the 45 days.

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Rumor 10 Nov

Self the arrival on Disney + is not in question and on when there is a minimum deadline to be met, it is not yet known how Will Eternals be available to subscribers: for free or with VIP access? Since Disney has shown that it does not want to be bound to a specific content distribution model, all hypotheses are therefore currently possible. Eternals could be free, as Black Widow became and as Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will immediately be, or it could be initially reserved for those willing to pay for VIP access. The latter solution could be a way to increase box office receipts which, moreover, after a subdued start, managed to pull those recorded in Italy over the last weekend – out of a total of 6 million e 817 thousand euros, 3 million and 244 thousand euros are attributable to the Marvel film.

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