Exomars 2022, the Mars Rosalind Franklin rover will dig up to 2 mt | Video

The tests of the new Martian rover continue to be used in the Exomars mission 2022. In reality, the model protagonist of the recent test we will talk about shortly is the twin of the one that will be sent to Mars, that is the Ground Test Model which is currently in a test area.

The Exomars project 2022 was born from the collaboration between ESA (European space agency) and Roscosmos (Russian space agency). The initial goal was to leave by 2020, but the need to solve some hardware problems and the arrival of the pandemic have moved the departure per year 2022, when the launch window will be propitious again.

Al center of attention is the new drilling system , which will be able to provide unprecedented performance for regarding such use on the red planet. The unit is clearly visible in the header image, it is located in the front part, inside that black portion in the shape of a parallelepiped. The auger will be able to dig up to 2 meters deep , take a small sample of soil and bring it back to the internal laboratory for analysis.

Just in these days Perseverance has collected a second sample and in these hours it is heading to the new area for the third core drilling, however to date it has not has it ever dug more than 7 cm deep. The goal of this new system is to be able to collect samples that have not undergone years and years of radiation bombardment, and then investigate the chemical composition and the possible presence of ancient vital signs. It will therefore be a substantial step forward, which ESA wanted to highlight by publishing a video during which we can see the drill at work.

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