Facebook and Instagram, stop advertising targeting on certain sensitive issues

Meta , the company of Mark Zuckerberg which controls Facebook and Instagram among other things, has announced that it will eliminate a variety of ad interest groups related to different “sensitive topics” such as race, political orientation, religious belief, sexual orientation, health status and more.

The decision was made as a lot of external research has shown that targeting these topics could lead to “bad experiences” for persons belonging to insufficiently represented minorities. For example, last summer an investigation by Vox revealed that the announcements “wrong” can make you feel discriminated against, reinforce any addiction problems, cause a worsening of mood and behavior, and have negative effects on mental health.

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– Roy Austin, Jr. (@RAustin_Jr) November 9, 2021

Meta è il tentativo di Facebook di allontanarci dalla nuda (e cruda) realtà

Item 01 Nov

Meta, which at the moment owes practically all of its revenues to advertising and in the last quarter had a good turnover 28, $ 2 billion, is likely to be ahead of the European Union, which is moving to ban too aggressive ad targeting. The company is also going through a rather sensitive period from a public image point of view, given the recent outbreak of scandals such as Facebook Papers. In other words: is a good time for ads that “grant” something to the user . A few days ago the social network had for example said that it would completely abandon face recognition (Meta in general will continue to use it, especially in areas such as augmented and virtual reality – more generally for the development of the much discussed metaverse).

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