Finch with Tom Hanks makes the record on Apple TV +, but the platform is struggling to take off

Bittersweet news that concerns the streaming platform of Apple: one of the most relevant films of this last part of the year obtained a excellent response on the launch weekend . More generally, however, Apple TV + is struggling to take off and to establish itself in a market segment dominated by giants such as Netflix and Disney +, as suggested by the JustWatch report on the expansion of the installed base recorded in the last quarter.


Before the good news: the arrival of Finch exclusively since November 5 on the platform of the Cupertino house marked the best debut ever for an Apple TV + movie . Tom Hanks is a big hit capable of capturing attention and beating himself: the sci-fi film has in fact surpassed the success of Greyhound, a war movie starring the acclaimed Hollywood star. Apple does not provide detailed data on accesses to the platform, nor on the number of users who watch a certain content, but in this case several unofficial sources agree that Apple has hit the target.

As reported by Deadline:

insiders claimed that the apocalyptic drama directed by Miguel Sapochnik has become the most watched movie on Apple TV + eclipsing Hanks’ earlier Apple movie , the WWII thriller Greyhound. Apple declined to release specific numbers, but sources said Finch premiered in further 100 Countries, more than doubled the viewership on launch day and generated the biggest launch weekend ever in Apple TV + two years.

Finch tells the story of an unlikely family consisting of a man, a dog and a robot, committed to surviving in a world devastated by a solar cataclysm. Story (and protagonist) that the public is obviously enjoying.


But a film alone is not capable of supporting the weight of an offer that must capture the attention of a wider audience, nor can a handful of well-crafted content, especially when the competition goes forward by also targeting ( and in some cases above all) on quantity.

The expansion of Apple TV + proceeds at a slow pace, too slow when compared with those who aim more decisively at the streaming market. According to data released by JustWatch, in the third quarter of the year Apple TV + share grew by only 1% in the US market , which is one of those most likely to welcome products and services of the colossus led by Tim Cook. Netflix remains at the top, while Disney + sets the record for the platform with the highest growth rate (a figure also confirmed by the latest financial results). Apple TV + is now 4% of the US market, an objectively marginal presence.

In recent weeks there has been no shortage of rumors about Apple’s desire to increase the number of new content posted weekly on Apple TV + starting from 2022. However, it should be noted that the data on Apple’s presence in the streaming market must be contextualized by remembering two aspects: for Apple, unlike Netflix and Disney, streaming is still a sideline, not the pillar of its budgets. , can therefore afford to keep the evolution of the business at a slower pace. Apple also invests exclusively in the production of original content, a more expensive and more penalizing choice in terms of overall volume.

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