First the zoom alters the videos, then Mail compresses them: Apple “cause” risk process

Before zooming alters the videos, then Mail compresses them: process at risk “cause” Apple

18 November 2021 3

The same lawyers who managed to convince a judge that “iPad zoom alters videos” are now calling for an annulment of the trial for a more or less related reason: they say they received a video, sent by Apple Mail, compressed enough to put them at a disadvantage over their opponents.

This time, judging by the data publicly available, perhaps have a little more reason: the original file weighed 11, 2 MB, while the com at it was 3.6 MB . It is very important to get your hands on: in principle it is true that, basically, the larger the size of a file with the same size, the better the quality. But there are many other factors at stake – algorithms, compression codec used, audio / video compression balance … In short, without seeing the files it is better to always reserve the benefit of the doubt. Having said that, if the judge has accepted the iPad zoom thesis, it is plausible to assume that he will be inclined to consider this too equally favorably.

The trial, we recall, is that of Kyle Rittenhouse, who is accused of murder, attempted murder and dangerous conduct with a deadly weapon . Rittenhouse, who at the time was 17 years old, killed two people in the Black Lives Matter movement and wounded a third in Wisconsin during the riots and protests over the Jacob S. Blake case with a semi-automatic rifle; the process aims to establish whether the actions were carried out with fault or with reason (for example in self-defense).

Apple 11 Nov

The video in question, which was admitted as evidence to the trial, shows relevant parts of the action shot from above with a drone. According to the reconstructions, the video comes from the witness who owns the drone, who uploaded it to his iPhone and passed it via AirDrop to a detective assigned to the case; the detective tried to send it, again via AirDrop, to defense lawyer Natalie Wisco, who, however, having an Android device, was unable to receive it; so the detective sent the video via email, using the Apple Mail app , which finally automatically applied the compression .

The prosecutors they say they were unaware of the incident and that, since no one had objected before, they had no way of suspecting otherwise. Judge said an external consultant will be called to determine how to proceed.

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