Fisco, from October access to online services only with Spid, Cie or Cns

Spid, Electronic Identity Card (CIE), and National Services Card (CNS) they continue to assume an increasingly central role in the relations between the articulated structure of the public administration and the citizens – and not only on the wave of popularity created with bonuses.

From 1 October, also the Revenue Agency and the Revenue-Collection Agency will accept only these tools as keys to access to online services that require registration. Last year (again starting from 1 October) it was the INPS that retired the PIN, preferring the new tools. Goodbye to username and password, as part of the process outlined by the Simplification Decree (DL n. 76 / 2020).

The change applies for the moment only to those who do not fall within the category of natural persons with a VAT number and legal persons . For professionals, however, nothing will change: after October 1st, they will be able to continue using their Fisconline, Entratel or Sister credentials; those who do not have them can continue to request them.

No changes for the services made available online without registration, for example the verification of the tax code and VAT number, or booking appointments. They can be used freely, without resorting to authentication tools.


The announcement of the novelty that will come into force from next month represents a good opportunity for the Revenue Agency to take stock of the habits of Italians when they are called to interface with the tax authorities using digital tools.

The trend is that of a progressive increase in the number of users accessing the Agency’s online services . According to official data relating to the first 8 months of the year:

  • compared to the same period of 2020 are increased by 32, 5% accesses to the drawer tax : 44 million in total;
  • more than 1 million leases and 2 million public deeds
  • were sent via the Civis channel almost 400. 000 documents


In a nutshell: time saved . The services accessible through the reserved area of ​​the official website of the Agency ( and through the Equiclick app coincide with most of the services available by physically going to the counter. By accessing the reserved area it is possible, for example:

  • consult the debt position
  • check the presence of tax bills, notices and payment status
  • submit an installment request and obtain the extension plan
  • ask to suspend collection in the cases provided for by law
  • carry out payments
  • activate the “If I forget” service that send reminders on deadlines
  • delegate an intermediary to operate on its own account
  • download forms

In the first 8 months of the year, 4 million users who have accessed the reserved area services – the 70 percent used the “Check Your Situation” service.


The Public Digital Identity System (Spid) can count over 24 millions of users reminds the Revenue Agency. 4 million more users than the previous statistics update provided in April by the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition. Surely the bonuses and cashbacks – to access which it was necessary to use Spid – have contributed to the acceleration of the diffusion, but it is hoped that, once the induced digitization hangover, Italians continue to maintain the good habit of turning on the PC or using the smartphone also to attend to matters bureaucracy with the PA.

provides assistance on reports of irregularities, on notices telematics and payment bills.

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