Fisker Ocean debuts the new electric SUV. In production since 2022

Fisker Ocean makes its first official appearance at the Los Angeles Motor Show , an electric SUV we’ve been talking about a lot over the past few months. This presentation was an opportunity to discover many more details about this product. Production will start on 17 November of 2022, exactly one year after its official launch.

The SUV will be built inside the Magna plant in Graz, Austria. The first 5. 000 vehicles will be offered in the special launch version “Fisker Ocean One” which features some exclusive details. Subsequently, during the 2023, it will be the turn of the other variants.


The measurements of the new Fisker Ocean are 4. 775 mm length x 1. 994, 5 mm wide x 1. 629 mm height, with a step of 2. 921 mm. There is not much to say about the design as we know this SUV very well as the American manufacturer has shown it several times over time. The brand highlights the great care taken to optimize aerodynamics with a view to efficiency. And speaking of efficiency, the car has specific tires made by Bridgestone developed to reduce consumption (20 or 22 inches).

The top of the range models (Extreme and One) have the Fisker SolarSky , i.e. panels solar panels on the roof which in the best possible conditions allow you to add 2. miles of autonomy per year (approx. 3. 200 km). There’s plenty of room inside for five to travel comfortably. The interior is made from sustainable and recycled materials. Very particular is the screen from 17, 1 inch vertical of the infotainment. With the car parked it can be rotated horizontally to be able to enjoy the contents dedicated to entertainment in the best possible way (only Extreme and One).

The SUV can also have of the Fisker HyperSound sound system with 16 speaker that offers a premium acoustic experience. Infotainment supports OTA updates. Furthermore, through an app, it is possible to remotely manage the vehicle.


The new Fisker Ocean electric SUV will be offered in different versions.

  • Fisker Ocean Sport
  • Fisker Ocean Ultra
  • Fisker Ocean Extreme
  • Fisker Ocean One (launch edition in 5. 000 specimens)

The manufacturer has finally shared more details on the powertrain, although the information is not yet fully complete. The “Sport” model has a single electric motor (front wheel drive) capable of delivering an (estimated) power of 279 CV (205 kW). According to the manufacturer, this model is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds. Battery capacity was not disclosed.

However, we know that it is of the LFP type and is provided by CATL. The estimated autonomy, according to the WLTP cycle, is over 440 km . The Ultra model, on the other hand, has a double electric motor and therefore also an all-wheel drive. The power (estimated) is 547 CV (402 kW). The performances are very good since to go from 0 to 49 km / h takes 4.2 seconds. Also in this case no mention of the accumulator capacity, again from CATL, but of the NMC type . According to Fisker, the autonomy exceeds 610 km in the WLTP cycle (estimated value).

The Extreme and Ocean One models have the same powertrain, always characterized by a double electric motor . The (estimated) power comes to 558 CV (410 kW). To go from 0 to 100 km / h need 3.9 seconds . Here too there is a lack of details on the battery which is made by CATL with NMC chemistry. The estimated autonomy, according to the WLTP cycle, exceeds 630 km. All models with dual engines and all-wheel drive feature torque vectoring . Furthermore, to maximize efficiency, the rear engine does not start running except in case of need. No information, however, regarding recharging. Particularity, through the batteries it is possible to power the house in case of need, recharge other electric cars and put the electricity back into the network.

Electric SUV is proposed with different driving modes which vary according to the model chosen. Earth and Fun on all variants. To these is added the Hyper mode but only on the Ultra, Extreme and One models. Finally, the Off-Road driving mode is also available only for the Extreme and One versions. Speaking of safety, the new Fisker Ocean features the Fisker Intelligent Pilot system which aims to make driving safer and more relaxing. A platform that uses radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras.

In the high-end models we find, for example, the Lane Change Assist, the Adaptive Drive Control, Traffic Jam Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Automatic park assist system and much more.


The prices for the American market are as follows:

  • Fisker Ocean Sport: from 22. 440 dollars
  • Fisker Ocean Ultra: from 49. 999 dollars
  • Fisker Ocean Extreme: from 68. 999 dollars
  • Fisker Ocean One: from 68. 999 dollars

Alternatively one is available rental formula starting from 379 dollars per month with an advance of 2. 999 dollars. The package provides for an annual journey of 30. miles. The SUV can already be reserved by leaving a deposit of 250 dollars.

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