Ford F-150 Lightning in the living room thanks to Google and augmented reality

Ford partners with Google to showcase its F electric pickup – 150 Lightning , presented this spring and the subject of a pre-order campaign that has already exceeded its quota 160.000 unit , in augmented reality: the name of the initiative is called Strike Anywhere – which is a bit like the “motto” even of the lightning bolts themselves. In concrete terms, the initiative works like several others we have seen in the past: you point the smartphone camera at the point where you want to show the virtual model of the pickup and the software places it.

You need a compatible device, Android or iOS : it should be enough to do a search on Google, alternatively you can frame the QR code that appears on the official page of the initiative that you can find by following the SOURCE link. However, we report that we did some tests and we couldn’t get it to work, despite the devices being compatible with APIs such as ARKit and ARCore. The pickup is currently only available in the US, so this could be a cause; however in the announcement there are no indications of geographical or other restrictions.

As you can see from the image here below, someone made it work. The app not only shows the vehicle in the “car park under the house” (or on the desk, if desired), but allows you to customize colors, fittings, accessories and wheels , to get a better idea of ​​what your ideal configuration could be. There are also several additional tabs that tell about some of the most important features and functionalities.

Ready to make Lightning strike? Explore the F – 150 Lightning ™ in real time, right in your space with Strike Anywhere , an immersive AR and 3D experience.

– Ford Motor Company (@Ford) November 9, 2021

The experience, explains Ford, is designed both for those who have placed a pre-order (a symbolic and refundable advance of 100 dollars), both to potential buyers and to simple enthusiasts who want to know the vehicle more than near. The pickup category represents a rather important slice of the automotive market in the United States , and is fundamental to be conquered for the abandonment of fossil fuels. F – 150 is one of the most iconic and popular pickups in the industry – “America’s Truck” , as it is often nicknamed.

According to the latest estimates, around the 80% of customers who placed a pre-order for F – 150 Lightning has never owned an electric vehicle before; and a Google search in collaboration with Ipsos says that 000% of Americans who are considering buying a new car within the next six months consider a vehicle 100% electric or at least hybrid.

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