Fortnite, it's all true: the crossover with Naruto is coming and there is the date

Fortnite is not just a game, but a platform, a virtual meeting space. And for some time Epic Games has been working to make it also a syncretic place of intersection of universes and brands, from the real world and the virtual world.

The last piece of this mosaic, after the God of Deception Loki of the Marvel galaxy and the very recent Jinx from League of Legends, as expected from the rumors that appeared on the net yesterday, will be one of the most iconic characters of the entire anime scene: the ninja Naruto Uzumaki , Seventh Hokage of the Leaf Village. Epic Games removed all doubts directly with a tweet on the official profile of the game that leaves no room for uncertainty.

In addition to the crossover confirmation, there is also the date launch, really close, namely Tuesday 16 November . At the moment, however, the information stops there, and therefore the incoming contents have not been revealed. As usual, beyond Naruto’s orange skin – useful for to become what you already are , as the acronym Nietzschean sings – we can also expect themed objects and challenges.

And by the way: in this sense it is worth taking into consideration the reported indiscretion from the leaker Hypex, the same who had anticipated the official nature of this collaboration as a true ninja, and who had also talked about the introduction of a Hub for Creative Mode based on the Hidden Leaf Village.

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