Foundation, Apple's sic-fi series is preparing for the season finale with a trailer

Foundation is one of the most ambitious and expensive projects in the Apple TV + catalog, with the difficult task of translating Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Cycle into television language , one of the cornerstones of the entire science fiction genre.

Almost two months after its debut, dated 24 September, it seems that the product has been a success, and the confirmation has already arrived that the second season will be: d The other part of the original idea foresees 80 total episodes, for what in the end could be 8 seasons. In short, they are betting a lot on the project in Cupertino. Suffice it to say that producer David S. Goyver stated in an interview that a single episode easily exceeds the budget of two films added to those he has previously made.

Before projecting towards the future (about psycho-history …), however, there are still a couple of pages to write. The first season will in fact end on 19 November, with the release of the tenth episode : yesterday, 12 November, it was instead the time of the ninth. For the occasion, Apple has decided to package a trailer that retraces the salient events among those told and raises the hype bar, waiting of the grand finale.

Foundation, in a nutshell, tells the story of a band of exiles and their momunentale journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization during fall of the Galactic Empire. All with the oppressive shadow of a destined future and in any case to be built, predicted according to the strange algebra invented by the scientist Hari Seldon.

How for all the much loved works, there is obviously debate around the goodness and fidelity of the transpositions compared to the spirit of the original literary work, but the critics are all aligned in recognizing Foundation a powerful and refined visual impact.

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