Galaxy A73, Samsung focuses on the camera: 108 MP sensor | Rumor

The indiscretion comes directly from South Korea, and it’s clear: Galaxy A 73 , the device that in the 2022 Samsung will position at the top of its catalog mid-range, should come with a main camera from 108 MP . And it would therefore be the first smartphone from Samsung’s A series to boast a module with such a high resolution (the sensor of the current Galaxy A 72, which we talked about extensively in our review, is from 64 MP).

As reported The Elec , also, the window of launch of Galaxy A 73 is expected to fall in the first half of next year , with no particular surprises. And let’s not forget that, again with regard to cameras, Samsung seems ready to raise the bar on the whole A family starting right from 2022, introducing OIS stabilization on each new upcoming model.

Samsung Galaxy A, la stabilizzazione ottica sarĂ  su tutti i modelli 2022 | Rumor

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The rumor , however, does not go into details yet specifying what exactly the sensor will be from 108 MP that Samsung will use: on the other hand, the arrival on the market is still far away, and it is normal that at this height the information arrives in dribs and drabs, until gradually composing a mosaic over the months.

A plausible option, if we want to put forward a hypothesis pending further indications, is that it could be the ISOCELL HM2 1/1, 15 “, or the sensor from 108 Smallest MP ever made by Samsung, and which we have already seen in action on the Redmi Note 10 Pro. The identikit, in short, is that of a solution that seems particularly suitable for use in the mid-range. But clearly Samsung could also have made another choice: in the current state of things it is impossible to unbalance, and we just have to wait to better focus the question.

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