Galaxy S22 and S22 +: 50MP sensor, but not Samsung's best | Rumor

A few days after the presentation of the iPhone 13, i Galaxy S 22 of Samsung are back as protagonists of new rumors . In fact, they will be confronted on the market with the new top of the range of the Cupertino company, although the launch is not expected before 2022. In any case, in this round, the photographic sector ends up under the magnifying glass. In fact, the adoption of a Megapixel main camera seems obvious. The point is to understand which sensor we are talking about.

According to the well-known leaker Ice Universe, the South Korean company should implement on Galaxy S 22 and Galaxy S 22 + the GN5 ISOCELL sensor. Native resolution from 50 Megapixel, 1/1, 57 inches, pixel size 1 μm. It can capture images from 12, 5 Megapixel (2 μm pixel ) in 4 in 1 pixel binning mode, as well as going up to 100 Megapixel using a special algorithm. It features Dual Pixel Pro autofocus, Front Deep Trench Isolation to reduce noise, can capture 8K video a 30 fps and 4K video a 120 fps.

S 22 、 S 22 + Camera : GN5

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 15, 2021

Although this would be an improvement over the sensor from 12 Megapixel (1/1, 76 inches) used on Galaxy S 21 and S 21 +, the GN5 is not the best sensor available to Samsung . The South Korean company has GN1 in its quiver (1/1, 31 inches ) and GN2 (1/1, 12 inches) , both of which have larger native pixels than those of the GN5. Different speech for the Galaxy S 22 Ultra , which instead should be able to count on a main camera from 108 Megapixel.

In any case, the adoption of a configuration with three rear cameras for Galaxy S 22 and Galaxy S 22 + . The main sensor of 50 Megapixel will in fact be accompanied by a wide angle of 12 Megapixels and a telephoto lens of 10 Megapixel with 3X optical zoom. The photographic part will therefore remain a key point of the Galaxy S series. It remains to be understood whether all this will be enough to compete with the iPhones 13 , whose Pro range can count on a completely renewed photographic sector , with new software features such as cinema mode for videos.

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