Galaxy S22, screen protector comparison of the three models: Ultra makes history in itself

Find the intruder one would say by observing an interesting comparison of the screen protectors of the smartphone triplet which is preparing to renew Samsung’s high-end proposal. Yes, because S 22 Ultra, even on this occasion, seems to do story in itself, clearly distinguishing itself from the standard and plus variants.

The photo is provided by Ice Universe , always a very reliable source when it comes to anticipating details on Samsung products, and allows you to obtain useful information both on the dimensional relationship between the models and on some design elements. The most relevant data is that while S 22 and S 22 Plus they actually appear to be part of the same family, S 22 Ultra proposes traits that bring it closer to the Notes than to the S line. See the corners of the screen much more rounded on the first two models and clearer on S 22 Ultra.

The new image therefore only reconfirms a hypothesis that can be considered certain: while S 22 and S 22 Plus will continue to carry forward the hallmarks from the Galaxy S, S range 22 Ultra will be a Note in substance formally labeled as Galaxy S .

Other elements of differentiation between S 22 / S 22 Plus and S 22 Ultra emerged by examining the most recent images of the three models. In particular, the first two seem destined to inherit a later module closely linked to the previous S 21 – therefore quite conspicuous and extended beyond the edge of the smartphone – while for S 22 Ultra Samsung will provide a more discreet solution with the lenses flush with the body. But the main distinguishing feature of the Ultra will be the S Pen, better to say the S Pen integrated into the body of the device (detail not to be overlooked if you really want to talk about a worthy heir of the Notes).

Ice Universe does not provide further confirmation on the screen size of the three models, but from previous rumors the diagonals should be equal to:

  • Galaxy S 22: 6, 06 “
  • Galaxy S 22 Plus: 6, 55 “
  • Galaxy S 22 Ultra: 6.8 “

Note on the material provided by the source: please note that these are screen protectors produced by third parties, therefore , for the moment, it is not appropriate to carry out more detailed analyzes on elements such as the thickness of the bezels.

The hat-trick of new Galaxy smartphones – you can also say at this point the duo + 1 – is expected for the first quarter 2022, the debut is expected to take place in February.

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