Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, notch justified by screaming front cameras | Rumor

Two high-end cameras : This is why the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a notch . At least, according to the well-known insider Ice Universe, which is very authoritative especially as regards the advances on Samsung devices. The details are not so many: the leaker says that one of the two cameras will be ultra-wide angle, and that both will be able to record videos up to 4K / 60 FPS . Even superfluous firepower for video calls, but it’s clear that Samsung is riding the wave of a trend that has established itself quite solidly with the COVID pandemic – 19. No details on aperture, megapixels or anything else, unfortunately. We’re not even sure there will be autofocus.

It seems that many people doubt the Notch of Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Now I can tell you with 100% certainty that Notch must exist, but it’s not big. It is equipped with two front cameras, including ultra wide-angle cameras, which can shoot 4K 60 fps.

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) November 18, 2021

It is worth making a comparison with the current leading exponents of the tablet proposal of the South Korean company, namely the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, which offer a single 8MP camera and recording capacity of up to 1080 p / 30 FPS . According to the rumors released so far, what we will find on Tab S8 and S8 Plus will be a very similar proposal (the 8 MPs have already been “confirmed” at the level of rumors, if nothing else).

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be something very special – we can say unique in the industry. It will have a huge display, from ben 14, 6 “, with AMOLED technology , 3K resolution, maximum refresh at 120 Hz and compatibility with the S Pen. For the rest of the data sheet equally top-of-the-range components are expected: there will probably be the new generation Exynos SoC 2200 (which could be presented today!) with GPU based on RDNA2 architecture of AMD Radeon, accompanied by abundant memory both as RAM and as internal storage. According to rumors the battery will be huge: well 11. 500 mAh , with fast charging support a 45 W.

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