General Motors, cars are not enough and focuses on electric boats

General Motors brand electric boats ? One day they might really be a reality. The American manufacturer, in fact, has announced that it has acquired a stake of 25% of Pure Watercraft , a Seattle-based company specializing in the development of nautical thrusters 100% electrical. Reportedly, this would be a transaction worth of 150 million dollars . One part will be paid in cash and the other in the form of a collaboration that involves the supply of components and consultancy in the development of new products.


The American car manufacturer, therefore, will become an important partner for the Seattle company by providing its expertise especially in the field of production. What will these two companies accomplish together? For the moment, no precise details have been disclosed except that more information will be communicated at a later time. Of course there is only that they will develop and market some kind of battery powered boat.

Models that will be able to take advantage of an evolution of Pure Watercraft technology thanks to the collaboration with General Motors. In fact, Andy Rebele , founder and CEO of the Seattle company, said:

Our mission is to enable a new era in boating. Joint work with GM should enable us to make significant technological advances in range and charging, while achieving mass production.

Currently, this company markets, among other things, the Pure Outboard engine which boasts much lower operating and maintenance costs than traditional marine propulsion systems, as well as being obviously more sustainable from an environmental point of view. It will therefore be very interesting to discover the fruits of this joint work. Apparently, for the American manufacturer, this investment is also an opportunity to extend the zero emissions target in areas other than automotive.

Please note finally that, by 2025, General Motors will invest 35 billions of dollars in electric and autonomous vehicle technology to become the market leader in battery-powered cars in North America.

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