Ghostbusters: Legacy, a family affair: Jason and Ivan Reitman talk

Ghostbusters: Legacy debuted yesterday in cinemas with the difficult task of not disappointing fans and satisfying the demands of those who finally wanted a title worthy of the Ghostbusters of the heyday (1984). There will be time to evaluate the response from critics and audiences – for the moment the Rotten Tomatoes film gets a critical rating of 62% while that of the public is much more generous, 96%.

Meanwhile, to talk about the new chapter of Ghostbusters (and not only) , in an interview with Cnet, there are two who know a lot about the matter, Ivan Reitman, the director of the first film on Ghostbusters of 1984, the one who gave rise to the “myth”, and his son Jason who took charge, with the help of his father, to write the script and direct Legacy .

The first thing that those who are considering whether to go to the cinema to see Ghostbusters: Legacy must know is that it is a film on which in a certain sense there is the trademark of Ivan Reitman , his son Jason, speaking of the collaboration underlines: our director’s chairs were next to each other in front of the monitor It was the adventure of a lifetime. I have to make a Ghostbusters movie with the greatest Ghostbusters expert in the world .

Differences of views on the elements to be included in the film? Jason Reitman responds with a joke: the only thing my dad wasn’t satisfied with is that he wanted more slime . There was never enough slime, and I admit, I was a little shy with slime . Well yes, in the case of the Ghostbusters they also do fanservice with the slime, and whoever has seen the original films knows why. And it is slime only partially reproduced digitally in Legacy, Jason confirms, also to respect the original spirit of the films made in times when CGI was not so widespread.

The collaboration between father and son, the relationship between generations linked by common inheritance , it seems have a lot to do with the movie , as Jason points out, describing Ghostbuster: Legacy:

It’s a film about nostalgia. It’s a movie about going to your grandparents’ basement and finding out who they are. He’s in inheritance movies, and inheritance is a concept my father and I talked about a lot. I joined the family business and, although I have been making my films for a long time, the idea that I was running with the baton, that he (Ivan ed.) Had passed me this narrative torch, has always been part of our conversation. It was natural to make a Ghostbusters movie about the grandchildren of a Ghostbuster who learn to be Ghostbusters themselves.

Ivan and Jason Reitman also talked about the previous chapters of Ghostbusters, because Legacy comes to the end of a journey that includes three other films. If the first, as mentioned, is the milestone that gave birth to the phenomenon, commenting on the results of Ghostbusters 2 Ivan Reitman admits to having imitated too much by close part of the story of the previous film , penalizing narrative paths that he would have liked to expand more deeply, for example. example the relationships between the main characters, Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver. In the controversial female reboot of 2006, directed by Paul Feig, instead Reitman son recognizes the I deserve to have been able to broaden the narrative horizon of the Ghostbusters, something that was obviously necessary for us to make this film, says Jason.

Ghostbusters: Legacy wants to be, in the intentions of the Reitmans, a good synthesis between the two extremes: the originals and the reboot :

We wanted this to be a movie that had everything you loved about the original Ghostbusters, with new characters, in a new location, in a new adventure.

Whether or not it succeeds will be decided by the viewers, especially lovers of original films. For other details on the interview, please consult the original article (link in SOURCE).

Arriving in a small town, a single mother and her two children begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy left by their grandfather

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