Gmail has a new widget on Android: welcome Material You!

The restyling of the Google apps on Android continues unabated to make them uniform with the new Material You language. Today’s news concerns Gmail: not the app in itself, which was already updated a couple of months ago, but its widget . Up to now, in fact, only some small changes had been made, such as the introduction of dynamic colors that change according to the dominant tone of the background, but really new nothing had yet been seen.

With the version 2021. 10. 31 the expected aesthetic changes arrive, which, to be clear, recall those that are already visible on another Google app, Keep. The FAB (floating action button) moves up, next to the Inbox writing, and is now square with rounded edges. Below is the list of the most recent messages, with the sender’s name, the time of receipt and the title. To the right is the archive button.

The default widget is a 3×3, but if you expand it manually horizontally (by holding down on it and moving one of the side edges) the three icons are displayed which act as a shortcut to directly access Chat, Spaces and Meetings . By reducing the height of the widget instead, the three icons move to the right immediately below the FAB.

In short, these are news concerning both the aesthetics – still appreciated and in line with the rest of the ‘interface – is the functionality of the app itself: with a more complete widget like the one released now by Google you can have more information at hand, by accessing the emails and connected tools more quickly.

The rollout is still in progress (on the Pixel 4 XL in the editorial office the widget is still the previous one), therefore check if Gmail is to be updated on the Play Store. If the v. 2021. 10. 31, you can always anticipate the times by downloading the APK at THIS link.

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