Gmail has a new widget on iOS: all the news from Google for iPhone

There are several new features coming from Google , all focused on improving the experience use of some of its main apps on iOS . Gmail, Meet and Sheets. The unprecedented functions developed by the Mountain View company for iPhone will be released gradually over the next few weeks .

Before going into details, we remind you that Google will soon revolutionize the graphical interface of apps dedicated to iOS with the abandonment of Material Design in favor of the standard UIKit developed by Apple.


We add a new Gmail widget to iOS thanks to which the user can have a more complete view of the latest emails received. As you can see from the image shown here, the widget will be available in both the light and dark versions and will display the sender, title and time of receipt of the message.


For some time now within Google Meet the function has been introduced Picture-in Picture which allows you to continue viewing the video chat even if you close the app window. A useful tool through which the user can search for an email, a photo or a document to share in a meeting, or simply do something else without leaving the conversation. The video is displayed in PiP mode inside a window that can be moved to any position on the screen, even enlarged or reduced.

Well, until now the function was limited App Meet, is now also extended to Meet on Gmail .


Google adds the keyboard shortcuts to Google Sheets on iOS to make work more functional, simple and quick. From the iPhone keyboard (but this also applies to iPads with Magic Keyboard or other Bluetooth keyboards) you can for example select an entire row or find certain values ​​in the spreadsheet. To view the shortcuts simply hold down the command key.

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