Google Camera brings some little Pixel 6 exclusives to the old Pixels

The Google Camera updates to version 8.4 and is good news especially for owners of Google Pixel smartphone not of the latest generation, since it makes available some features that until now had remained exclusive to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro presented just a few weeks ago. The feedback for now piles up on the Pixel 4a and 5, but all phones that have received Android should be affected 12, then from Pixel 3 onwards. Specifically, here is what was reported:

  • It is better understood how to recall additional settings by swiping from the top of the screen. Next to the small arrow pointing downwards, the unmistakable icon of a gear now also appears.
  • In the settings menu of the app there is a new section called Manual Controls which allows you to activate or deactivate the on-screen controls to adjust the exposure.
  • The flash of the main camera can now be used as a self-timer countdown lamp. It is disabled by default: you have to go to the advanced settings and activate the relative option.

That’s it for now. In these very first hours it seems that the availability is not exactly vast: for some devices in short it could take a few days in addition before receiving the update via Play Store. You can proceed with the download of the APK and install it manually, thanks to the always flawless APK Mirror (link following SOURCE at the bottom of the article), but the colleagues of 9to5google warn that in at least one circumstance the installation of the patch causes crash on opening the app. Nothing serious, of course; in case of trouble just uninstall the updates and re-update the app, but just to be sure maybe it’s worth waiting for the official notification.

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