Google has canceled the Pixel Fold, for now

Google postpones the appointment with the leaflet market at a date to be defined. This is the picture that emerges by examining the latest rumors about the Pixel Fold. According to the original plan of the Mountain View house, this was to be its first foldable smartphone with a flexible screen, ready to become the flagship of the Android operating system 12 L, which was designed precisely for the folded leaflets. However, something seems to have changed in recent times: Ross Young di DSSC claims that Google has decided to not to launch the device soon : not in the 2021, nor in the first half of 2022 .

The claim is based on information leaked from the supply chain: the American giant has canceled the orders for the components necessary to produce the smartphone . According to the sources contacted by Young , underlying the decision to stop the Pixel Fold project there is the awareness that it would not have been competitive enough in an emerging market, but dominated by a company – Samsung – now in its third generation of folding devices. Evidently the Pixel Fold, as it was designed in its early versions, did not have much to offer compared to increasingly mature products.

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Notwithstanding that it’s always about rumor not officially confirmed – to subtlety, Google has never even specified that it is working on the device – it is not certain that the end of the Pixel Fold project , as outlined by the previous rumors, means that Google has renounced forever to propose his own folding smartphone . He could do it when he believes that the time will be more mature and the company more profitable, and in the meantime he could devote himself to the development of Android 12 L, which will benefit other manufacturers who are investing in the leaflet market.

Postpone launch to the second half of 2022 may be a wise choice, in the hope that the chip crisis will loosen its grip on the consumer electronics sector towards the end of next year. It should not be overlooked that the Pixel Fold, according to previous rumors, would have shared part of the components with the Pixel 6 range (specifically the CPU and front camera of the Pixel 6 non pro). Instead of wasting limited resources to produce a device with an uncertain future, it is better to invest them in order to have the necessary stocks to meet the demand for the latest Pixels. Sensible strategy, waiting for better times.

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