Google Pixel 6 Pro speed challenge iPhone 13 Pro Max: does the Tensor chip hold up? | Video

The recent Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro seem to have been well received by fans and insiders. Even the price, which could have been quite indigestible, seems to have been hit by the men of Mountain View, and at present the main flaw – at least for us Italians – it seems to be that of availability , which will officially arrive only in 2022 (although with some tricks you can buy one abroad).

The heart of the Pixel 6 is the Tensor chip, which the men of Mountain View have decided to design to strike the best compromise between performance, efficiency and capabilities in machine learning. But the decision not to rely on Qualcomm’s experience aroused more than a few curiosities to make the debut with a chip that Google could not have missed, in light of the top-of-the-range positioning of the two new Pixels. Cannarlo would have been a huge own goal, but from the first impressions of those who could try it, the practice seems to support Google’s theories (and gambling).

The boys of PhoneBuff got their hands on a Google Pixel 6 Pro and thought of put it to the test immediately against one of the industry references, that is iPhone 13 Pro Max. After all, Google cannot hide: with its choice clearly showed its intention to follow the approach with which Apple has always approached the design of iPhones, hence the famous integration between hardware and software which from year to year feeds lively discussions among fans.

Google Pixel 6 Pro in configuration 12 + 128 GB challenged iPhone 13 Pro Max 6 + 128 GB ( spoiler : touching the victory by a whisker) in a test that it will also be not very representative of daily use but compared to a benchmark, perhaps, it also makes more sense. With the help of a mechanical arm, the two were opened 12 app and 4 games including a video editing app – which probably cost one of the two challengers the victory – to then go back on each of them to verify the “strength” of the RAM.

It must be said, however, that if you replicate the same test with one phone at a time, no one would notice the differences, which are almost laughable and that for this reason, beyond the outcome, certify how good Google’s work was in equalizing a well-established product like the iPhone that has years of refinements behind it aimed at increasing the symbiosis between hardware and software. We are working on to tell you our feelings soon on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro .

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