Google Pixel 6 Pro with variable refresh display, Fold by the end of the year | Rumor

Ross Young of the analytics company Display Supply Chain Consultants reveals some previews of Google’s next leading smartphones, namely the Pixel 6 Pro and the anchor not confirmed Pixel Fold. The first could mount a display with LTPO technology, which implies the variable refresh , while the second could still be presented by the end of the year – naturally with foldable display manufactured by Samsung.

A little late but we confirmed that the Google Pixel 6 Pro is LTPO … Also confirmed that there will be a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with a 14. 6 “OLED.

– Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) September 15, 2021

The variable refresh is one of the latest innovations in the world of mobile displays, and is very popular because in certain contexts it saves a lot of battery. normal high refresh screens can only operate at certain frequencies – typically 60 Hz, the standard one, and 90 or 120 Hz or any other maximum value. The LTPO technology allows instead, at least in theory, also to set all the intermediate frequencies, but above all to “slow down” considerably, even up to 10 Hz .

Put simply, the refresh rate is how many times per second the pixels on a screen are refreshed. If I’m viewing animated things, like a video or scrolling a page, I want the refresh to be as high as possible to maximize the feeling of fluidity; but if I’m looking at a static image or reading a page of text, the pixels will always stay the same , so there is no need to spend energy by continuing to update them.

A screen that operates constantly at 120 Hz simply consumes too much , and the LTPO, with its ability to vary the refresh instantly, allows manufacturers to push the accelerator when needed, and relax when the user wouldn’t notice the difference. Even the latest iPhones 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max use an LTPO type panel with variable refresh.

Among other things, DSCC also confirms through its sources that there will be a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, with OLED display from 15

With the announcement of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max having a variable refresh rate up to 120 Hz marks 20 models that are current and rumored that use LTPO OLED panels from SDC.

– David Naranjo (@DSCCDave) September 16, 2021

As for the Pixel Fold, it is mentioned simply “in passing” in a table which summarizes all smartphone models that adopt LTPO panels of SDC, aka Samsung Display. With the arrival of iPhones 13 Pro and 13 ProMax, and also calculating the devices still in output, the count reaches the quota 20.

Although the existence of the project is recognized by all leaker scene, the release date of the Folding Pixel (“Pixel Fold” is a provisional name, of course) is still in doubt: the latest version in circulation before today said it had been postponed, perhaps due to the chip crisis . At this point we just have to wait for further clarifications.

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