Google vs in-app payments, a historic turning point in Korea: you can bypass the Play Store

Epic Games’ legal proceedings against Apple and Google begin to produce concrete effects i. While Apple has time until December 9 to allow developers to receive in-app payments via platforms other than Apple’s, Google is certainly not getting any better.

A bill approved by the National Assembly of South Korea

Now Google has been forced to adapt to the decisions of South Korea, with payments in the app that can be conveyed through a platform other than that which passes through Google , which for the “disturbance” asks developers for commissions that can even exceed the 15% of the transaction value.

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The developers must in any case include among the payment systems also the Google Play billing system but if a user wants to subscribe to an app, can also choose to pay through the platform made available by the developer of the service itself.

However, the result achieved in Korea del Sud did not prevent Google from withholding part of the revenue generated by payments in apps conveyed through different platforms , even though the commission has dropped by 4%, since 15 to 11%.

We recognize however – writes Google – that developers will have to incur extra costs to support their billing system, so when a user selects alternative billing, we will reduce the developer’s service fee by 4%.

The change taking place in Asian country does not change the policies applied by Google in the rest of the world or

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