GoPro Hero 10 Black review, new processor and TOP stabilization!

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Since we talk about action cameras, the queen of this market segment has always been GoPro, which celebrates the tenth version of its camera this year with model Hero 10 Black . A product category, that of action-cameras, which according to analysts from various research companies will see growth of between 15% and the 20% from here to 2026 . Contrary to what it may seem, therefore, this is a sector that still has a lot to say and GoPro, as a leader, can only stop aiming at it and improving a product that has already reached levels of excellence.

In the transition from Hero 8 Black to Hero 9 Black the company had updated the sensor and worked on the algorithms and software behind the processing of photos and videos, but to celebrate on the 10th anniversary it was absolutely necessary to do something more. Thus, a new processor has been introduced , the GP2 , which promises double performance compared to its predecessor. Could it be true? How has this Hero really improved 10? Read on and I’ll tell you right away.


Beginning though talking to you about what’s out there and honestly I could copy and paste the review of the Hero 9 from last year. Not that I mind, on the contrary, in my view the fact that aesthetically it hasn’t changed one iota is undoubtedly an advantage, especially in terms of compatibility with the various accessories. Last year, with the slightly larger dimensions than the previous model, it was necessary, for example, to replace the Media Mod, as well as any other cases.

The only real difference from the model of the 2020 is in the color of the logos on the body which this year are Blue, against the white of the Hero 9 Black. The shell, on the other hand, remains the same dark gray color and also the materials used are the same; aluminum therefore for the shell which is coated with a rubberized paint which guarantees greater resistance to scratches.

Right then spend a few words on the glass of the lens, to protect the lens . This remains removable as on the Hero 9 Black, excellent news because we can replace it if we were to scratch it in any way, but it has been improved with a new treatment that guarantees more effective hydrophobicity, greater resistance to scratches and a lower chance of flare- ghosting.

The water resistance also remains up to 10 meters without the need for extra watertight cases and in addition to the improvements mentioned so far we cannot fail to report a weight which has been reduced by 5 grams. Let’s talk about 153 grams for the Hero 10 Black against i 158 of the previous model. Certainly not an abyss but considering the improvements it was certainly not a given. Even the battery has not changed since last year, the module remains from 1720 mAh, different from that used for the Hero 8 and previous models. I will talk about the duration shortly but we are still on a good level.

The main novelty of last year’s model was undoubtedly the introduction of the second display front which allows and those who use the GoPro to check the shot even in selfie mode. About this Hero 10 Black the 1.4-inch panel remains identical in size and resolution but, certainly also thanks to the new processor, it gains fluidity and goes through a refresh rate of 20 Hz a 30 Hz . Even the screen on the back remains the same 2 inch LCD touchscreen. 20 inches but now offers greater touch sensitivity. An aspect that is certainly not insignificant since last year, precisely in relation to the touch, we had some problems of poor reactivity.

Both displays are of good quality , the brightness is more than enough and outdoors you can use both without any problem ; even when sunlight shines directly on the panel. A detail that should not be underestimated given the intended use of this type of product.

I almost forgot, the attachment system for the accessories remains identical to the last two generations. The two retractable metal feet are now a distinctive feature of the product and are certainly the smartest find to avoid having to use cases to take advantage of the accessories.


The most interesting novelty of the new Hero 10 Black is definitely the new GP2 processor , we have already mentioned it but it is certainly right to deepen its role a little and understand in what way the chipset can improve the experience of using the action cam in a so clear way. GoPro claims a generic 2x in terms of performance compared to the Hero 9 Black.

A value that is difficult to verify objectively, but I can assure you that all the operations carried out on the new Hero 10 Black are accomplished much faster than before. From switching on to accessing various functions to customizing shooting modes, hardly a touch is lost and the activation of all menus is instantaneous. In short, the user experience has taken a very important step forward.

But the new processor is also the reason why all the maximum framerates at which it is possible to acquire videos at different resolutions have been doubled exactly. We thus have the 5.3K a 60 fps and 4K at 120 fps, in addition to 2.7K a 240 fps . If these last two shooting modes do not need justifications in terms of usefulness, the situation is different for the 5.3K a 60 fps. Okay slow-motion in 4K, which is still cool, but content creators will certainly appreciate the ability to capture 5.3K video without frame loss compared to 4K. In this way there is in fact an important crop margin on the frame and it is possible to correct any off-center subject or zoom without losing quality.

It doesn’t end here, the higher computing power of the processor also allows to improve performance in situations of low ambient light . Image processing algorithms have more leeway and can now go deeper to make filming in the worst conditions a little brighter and more detailed. The situation you see in the example clip below is obviously an extreme case: rough terrain, very little light, vibrations, in short, it can only get better. The video quality is not that great in general but I purposely took the two action cameras to the extreme to show the clear improvement of the Hero 10 Black. Obviously in more suitable shooting conditions the results are much better.

But let’s also talk a little bit about stabilization because if you thought that the Hypersmooth 3.0 was already unattainable here that GoPro has seen fit to take a further small step forward with version 4.0. The differences are minimal eh, quick to say immediately, but the greater sharpness combined with a better compensation of high frequency vibrations make the new stabilization even more effective. The maximum level of stabilization then this year it can also be activated in 4K at 60 fps and 5.3K a 30 fps, as well as in 2.7K a 120 fps.

Still talking about stabilization, by activating the linear framing we can then take advantage of the horizon alignment system that this year is able to compensate for almost double the inclination compared to the last model. In fact, we pass from 27 to 45 degrees of maximum inclination. Yes, it’s true, the field of view is greatly reduced with linear framing but if you need to compensate for horizontal movements the benefit far outweighs this renunciation and the effect obtained is truly incredible

And here we are at photos for which there are big news except the fact that the maximum resolution rises to 23 megapixels. Finally, the entire sensor is exploited and there is also the possibility of capturing frames while shooting a video. In this case the maximum resolution of the photo is 15. 8 megapixels for 5K video in 10: 9 e 19. 6 megapixels for 5K videos in 4: 3.


OK, good news in terms of hardware and performance and good the fact that now you can take pictures at 23 mpx using the whole sensor but as I have always said it would be useless without a valid application to support and from this point of view for some years now GoPro is clearly a step ahead of all the competition. The app Quick allows you to download the contents on your smartphone and above all to create video montages in a few simple steps from the ‘professional appearance even without too many skills in this sense. Just like the clip you see below.

If not much changes in terms of functions this year, the most interesting news regarding the app are two and they are linked both to the transfer of contents. The first is the direct upload to the cloud to your G account oPro. Once configured, this feature automatically transfers all files to your cloud storage every time you charge your GoPro, which obviously needs to be connected to WiFi.

The second novelty is instead the wired transfer . From this year on, you can transfer files from the GoPro to your smartphone using a USB-C cable, so the data movement speed is much higher and the transfer more stable. If you are an Android user you just need a classic USB-C / USB-C cable, if instead you use an iPhone or an iPad you must have an OTG adapter for cameras and a USB-A / USB-C cable.

And autonomy. The battery we have already said is the same since 660 mAh of last year and also the autonomy remains very similar, in 4K to 60 fps you get about an hour and 15 of recording which go down to about an hour in 4K at 120 frame. There has therefore been no noticeable improvement compared to the previous model but I already consider it good news that the new processor, more powerful, has not caused a decrease in autonomy.

In all this there is a flaw to highlight, the new Hero 10 Black tends to overheat and automatically turn off to cool down if you record videos with a duration close to 20 minutes. Let’s say that if used in the most common way , i.e. recording clips of up to 3-4 min, this problem never occurs. Even when recording a TimeWarp, which basically captures a frame every few seconds and which tends to force us to keep the camera on and active for longer, overheating does not occur because it is not in continuous recording.


We close as always talking about the price which, unfortunately, also this year has been revised upwards. The list price of the new Hero 10 Black for Italy is in fact of 529 euro against 479 of the Hero 9 Black . That’s a lot of money, that’s beyond doubt, but if you want the best action camera on the GoPro market, with this Hero 10 Black, still remains the holder of the scepter. As for the previous model, the sales package is actually a hard case that you can then reuse for transport and which, purchased separately, has a value of 40 EUR.

For those who then purchase the new action cam by also subscribing to an annual subscription to the GoPro service, the price of the Hero 10 Black will be of 429 EUR. Similarly, even those who already own the aforementioned subscription will have the opportunity to take advantage of a discount that brings the sale price to 429 euro.

Having said that, would I buy it? I’m biased, I admit, GoPro isn’t paying me in any way but I’m a fan of all action cameras and this Hero Black is the best of all, so yes, if i needed an action camera i would buy it. But it is clear that mine is a subjective opinion and therefore, stopping to think, I tell you that in the professional field the innovations introduced are important and the upgrade may be worthwhile; otherwise, if you are not ready to face this expense, the Hero 9 Black is still a more than valid alternative and costs more 100 euro less.



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