GoPro, positive quarter and the chip crisis does not worry: no problem at Christmas

GoPro has just announced the results for the third quarter of 2021 , which record a increase in revenues on an annual basis of 13 %, for a total of 317 Millions of dollars of revenue and 49 millions of dollars in profits. Not only are things going well, but the company expects to be able to meet the demand in the coming months, which will become more pressing as usual between Black Friday and the Christmas holidays.

The chip crisis , which crosses the entire tech market, causing delays and shortages of stocks in all sectors, so it shouldn’t be a problem , as GoPro CEO Nick Woodman explains:

Despite supply chain constraints affecting numerous industries, we have successfully partnered with our suppliers to produce stocks at to support our fourth quarter revenue expectations. and our retail partners will be stocked and ready for shoppers during the holiday season

Recensione GoPro Hero 10 Black, nuovo processore e stabilizzazione TOP!

High Definition 13 Set

If you have planned to treat yourself to or give away the new GoPro Hero 10 Black, which we reviewed in September, so you can rest assured. The company’s latest action camera is selling very well, and GoPro has stated that around the 98% of the models in its catalog sold in the third quarter were priced equal to or higher than 300 dollars: an increase compared to 2020, when the percentage stopped at 83%.

There is another item, then, that rounds the positive balance of GoPro, and it is that relating to the subscription service that at the end of Q3 2021 count 1, 34 millions of customers and marks 14 millions of dollars in revenue. Overall, the last quarter was the company’s best since 2017 to date.

The most profitable quarter, however, for GoPro as well as for many other companies, is the last: expectations for Q4 data 2021, with the thrust of the holiday season and without the hindrance of limited stocks, are therefore even higher.


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