GTA: The Trilogy, what a mess! The launch is a mess between glitches and refund requests

As of this writing , Grande Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition , on Metacritic has a user vote equal to 0.5 . Okay, we’re used to the phenomenon of review bombing, which can affect even exceptional titles like The Last of Us: Part 2. Probably GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is not the worst game ever, like the score gleaned on Metacritic suggests, but that radical and widespread discontent is well founded.

As we have already told you, the PC version has even been removed from circulation because Rockstar has forgotten to clean up the code of some files and notes that date back to the period in which the three games – GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas – have been developed. But the troubles, of course, don’t stop there.

Not even a week after launch, which fell last Thursday 11 November, complaints (often also documented) for glitches are wasted online , bugs, malfunctions, insufficient performance and in general a technical sector and artistic choices in making the facelift to some polygonal models to modernize them which proved unfortunate.

In short: the game, as it is was published at launch, it is really difficult to play between missions that break, imaginative physical interactions and in general a whole game world that always gives the impression of being on the verge of detonating, of shattering the coherence of events.

What the heck’s going on in the GTA Remaster? How does this even happen? (This was dropped in a discord I’m in, and I’m just baffled by it.)

– Lekon! (@Lekonish) November 16, 2021

If it reminds you of something, you are not the only one. On Metacritic , but a little everywhere on the net, comparisons with Cyberpunk are wasted 2077, the title of CD Projekt released last year accompanied by a hype cultivated for years and perhaps unsustainable, but ultimately crushed by its obvious demerits and precisely by the fact that it is practically unplayable, especially on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For Cyberpunk 2077 reimbursement was offered to those who had purchased the game for the consoles of last generation, and on the basis of the previous one, users have begun to ask the same thing also to Rockstar Games, which however does not seem willing to go down this path.

In the case of GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, we are then faced with the aggravating circumstance of having to deal with old titles, already done and finished, and not a new, complex and ambitious project. It had to be a celebratory version capable of honoring three titles that have marked the history of the saga and of the videogame medium, and that instead ends up ridiculing its memory : an operation that arises by leveraging on ’emotionality and nostalgia, but which could fail due to the disappointment and anger of those same fans so tied to the original titles.

In general, after two sensational thuds like that of Cyberpunk 2077 and eFootball 2022 (the heir of PES branded Konami, which however is a free to play), it is clear that the discussion around the quality of the games at launch returns to the center of the videogame debate , and how the pressing times of the market (in this case added to the pandemic backlash) risk forcing the hand of developers, who release incomplete products with the promise to then fix them after the sound of corrective patches and updates. And when the result is seriously insufficient, the risk in the long run – but not too much – is to wear down the pact of trust between players and software houses.

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