Here are the most used passwords of 2021, from “123456” to “juventus”

There the most used passwords of the 2021, from “123456 “to” juventus “

18 November 2021 10

How important is it to choose a good password? A lot, all cybersecurity experts would say in unison. Yet, whether it is due to inexperience or simple laziness, there are many people who entrust the key to access their digital life to weak solutions , trivial, and therefore easily identifiable.

If you are wondering which are the most used passwords ever , know that often – alas – they also coincide with the worst. The confirmation comes from NordPass, which like every year has published a research with the first 200 most used passwords worldwide, also divided by 50 different countries.

The list was compiled in collaboration with independent researchers specializing in cyber security incidents, who evaluated a database of 4 TB, and indicates how many times a certain password has been used and how long it takes to decrypt it . Guess what: the mythical 123456 is in first place both in Italy and in the world, and for several years it is considered the worst choice ever.

Here below the 20 password most common in Italy (for the complete national and world ranking, see the link in Source ):

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. 12345
  4. 12345678
  5. qwerty
  6. juventus
  7. 000000
  8. password
  9. Andrew
  10. Naples
  11. Francis
  12. 111111
  13. 1234567
  14. change me
  15. giuseppe
  16. Alexander
  17. antonio
  18. bye Bye
  19. my love
  20. francesca

According to the research, the most common passwords in Italy they often include personal names – among the most popular there are Andrea, Francesco, Francesca and Alessandro – while the simple combinations of numbers, starting from the timeless 123456 , are widely used all over the world.

Even in alphabetic passwords some words more used than others are common to the whole world : for example in India and Japan the podium is dete nuto from password , while in Indonesia, Spain and Thailand is there 12345 . Also qwerty and its variants, such as example the local version qwertz in Germany, are very popular in all the countries analyzed.

The alarming question is the time it takes for hackers to decrypt them : even if the measurement of this time interval is indicative and it depends on various technological aspects, however it remains a valid reference on the weakness of passwords. In Italy, 61 password on the first 200 can be decrypted in less than a second.

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