Here's when a tablet can become a great solution | Video

Here’s when a tablet can become a great solution | Video

10 November 2021 128

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This content has almost departed by chance after the survey on the world of tablets that we proposed some time ago. In the office, together with the editorial staff, we took a preliminary look at the results and with some surprise we discovered a considerable interest in these products.

It must have been the pandemic, smartworking, video calls, the scarce availability of good quality laptops at low figures, the improvement of mobile hardware, the cloud, home automation , or simply it will have been all of this together, for each one with a different weight. The fact is that the technology producers have started again to offer interesting smart tablets and we users to buy them back after a long period of silent anonymity, the sales figures say it and, in our small way, the survey above says it.

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Well, in this context of rebirth I found myself admitting that I bought and used a tablet practically only once every day, which now dates back to about ten years ago. I have also reviewed them over time, but none have remained in my company beyond the time required for the evaluation. Because? Little interest, a subjective judgment of little use but above all the belief that for every situation there was a better product suitable for that particular purpose.

There was a need to remedy and that Lenovo P 11 Pro on the desk waiting (for a long time) for a review seemed to have been placed there by fate.

I try, let’s see if something is born, if these tablets that you love so much manage to carve out a piece of my technological heart, if they are roses I will tell them.

After a couple of months here I am, things obviously went in a direction that I never expected, I changed habits and the tablet has become indispensable in my (and not only) daily routine .



Paragraph dutifully dedicated to Lenovo P 11 Pro , who had the merit of making me taste the world of tablets again, moreover surviving the preconceptions of a very demanding and very strict tech enthusiast with the critical eye of a journalist.

First of all it must be said that it is a high-end product , expensive and equipped with a series of snacks that are difficult to find while staying on a limited budget. It is true, therefore, that my positive experience is partly due to the availability of a quality, well-finished and complete tablet.

To give you an example, with a 2K display of 11, 5 inch OLED HDR and with 4 JBL space speakers you will have a great multimedia experience , do not mention it. But keep this consideration in mind, in the conclusions I will expand the discourse.


My favorite feature of Lenovo P Pro is versatility: thanks to some hardware and software devices it is able to adapt chameleonically to many different needs and in the end it is precisely for this reason that he entered into my thanks.

Price versatility ratio because can be exploited in many ways , thus managing to offset the (important) investment pot. In total transparency, I would never spend more than 371 euro for a tablet with which to limit myself to playing on the sofa, I would not even have spent it for a tablet to use only for taking notes during university and less than ever I would spend them now to have a product with which to watch a movie on the train while I go to the office. Taken individually, they are all needs for which the game is not worth the candle, but which if encapsulated in a single device then change the perspective.

About that I believe Lenovo Tab P 11 Pro is to be evaluated exclusively with its bundle (cover with keyboard and stylus) , otherwise the discourse on versatility would not hold up, and consequently it would not hold up even the possibility to buy it.

In the box below you will find the direct link to Amazon for the package boundle, be careful because very often the offer is not clear and you risk finding yourself with only the tablet.


It is not my intention to bore you with the complete review of the device, which as a whole is fine and has no particular macroscopic defects now that has finally been updated to Android 11 (with some important improvements, such as the speed of unlocking with face and fingerprints).

If anything, there is some flaw here and there that I realize now that it has become very present in my days, for example I would like a processor a little more performing to be able to eliminate those sporadic lag that the long pop out, or a safe housing for the pen on the cover, always on the cover a small recess to facilitate opening. Nothing so serious, but some ideas for a possible future generation.

In a nutshell the strong points of this product , or if we want, in a completely subjective way, the strong points that a tablet should have in order to be taken into consideration are:

  • Screen and Multimedia at the TOP : OLED 2K Dolby Vision from 11, 5 “+ 4 JBL speakers and Dolby Atmos support
  • Battery from 8600 mAh : 2 full days with normal use, 1 full day with very heavy use
  • Cover + keyboard: high build quality, 1.3mm key travel, good spacing, well-functioning trackpad
  • Pen holder: Precision Pen 2 with 4096 pressure levels
  • Pre-installed software for desktop environment (operative mode)
  • Unlock with face also at dark thanks to IR sensor
  • Dimensions and adequate build quality: all aluminum, does not flex, is large but without exaggerated bezels
  • Type-C 3.2 port with video output

Lenovo Tab P 11 Pro lines up all these features and, despite a Snapdragon SoC 730 G who sometimes finds it a bit difficult to keep up with my requests, managed to convince me in the experience of use, it has always proved up to the situation without disappointing me for some technical aspect.

I point out that the 3.5 mm audio jack is missing , as far as I’m concerned it’s not a problem since I always use TWS headphones for “tablet” situations, but I understand that it could be an important nuisance for some, although we can always rely on an adapter on the Type-C port to solve (on the other hand the port is cleverly placed on one side and is not used for connection to the keyboard).


This tablet, with keyboard included, proved to be perfect for part of my business needs. For this I slowly abandoned my laptop , which is now in the drawer for some weeks without my needing to use it anymore.

Let’s quickly frame the context: my work is divided equally between a part of tasks that are very easy to manage for the tool, such as writing articles and scripts for videos, ole of online information, chats, video calls and a much more complex part made up of photo editing and video editing in 4K.

Now, for the video editing part clearly I can’t rely on a tablet, as I can’t rely on a laptop in the long run. I use Adobe Premiere and any laptop (easily portable) I’ve tried has never allowed me to think about leaving the workstation permanently.

Instead for the lighter tasks I rediscovered with great pleasure how much a tablet such as Tab P 11 Pro can be effective. .

Weighs just over 900 grams (with cover, keyboard and pen) and is much more compact than my notebook from 13 inches, lighter, with a much higher autonomy, it can be stored in the backpack without the need for an additional case, has a fabulous display that allows optimal readability even outdoors or sitting near the window on the train, it is always connected via SIM (but there is also the WiFi-only version) and then it is a super flexible Android in the management of files and documents.

The keyboard amazed me , after the running-in period with the compact layout, I began to take the measurements well and to write quickly and without major sacrifices. I also mention the convenience and effectiveness for video calls, considering that such a product has a camera and microphones far superior to those of a good laptop.

I would add that I also found myself writing articles in places other than the usual desk inside my home (in the garden, on the sofa, standing leaning against a high table), and it’s good for the spirit and the back.


I have fully exploited Google Chrome that in the mobile version on large screens it is possible to exploit the entire Google Drive suite through the App, the mobile version of Adobe Photoshop and the “operating mode” by Lenovo, which transforms the crude Android into a desktop environment, which has always given me hives on tablets (let’s see if with Android 12 Things may change).

I was therefore able to write articles (the administration platform of our site also works well) but also to do research with many open tabs, switching from one app to another or dividing the screen into several portions and finally I sfr Uttato Photoshop to fix the photos of the reviews in a very fast way using the stylus.

There is everything you need, at your fingertips and with the advantages I have listed above. The Type-C port along with Android proved to be important and convenient for file transfer , also on occasion it can be used to project the tablet on an external monitor, ideal for example to take advantage of the workstation in the office.


Lenovo Tab P 11 Pro solved a number of stupid problems for me but really boring concerning the management of the house.

Let’s talk about bank and payment cards , I constantly change my smartphone (without exaggerating once a week) and now any institution requires verification via smartphone for operations. For me it is a big nuisance because I have to reconfigure the management apps every time with everything that goes with it (verification, registration of a new smartphone, deletion of the previous one, change of access password, etc.).

Here, with this tablet always available I finally found a solution . I have configured everything I need and it is always there ready, no surprises.

The other banality concerns the smarthome : over time I have added brick on brick and now I find myself with many devices to keep under control, so much so that sometimes I wonder how much it makes sense to have smart devices and then create the problem of how to manage them without going crazy.

Here too the problem is always the same, changing smartphone every time is a torture to reconfigure everything. Especially the one that does not fit into Google Home or that in any case does not work at the 100% passing from Google app (lights, vacuum cleaner, thermostatic valves, anti-theft).

And then I’m not alone at home, my wife has access to all these products punctually from her smartphone there is something not connecting or not working. Once the tablet is configured in the best possible way, the game is done, both you and I know what to do and where to intervene, for whatever needs the tablet has become the control center of the house.

Finally I discovered how useful it can be a tablet always at hand at home, from the sofa to the kitchen, which we all use without the need for power connections, power banks or supports so as not to melt the laptop on your lap.

In this regard, as a possible upgrade, you could think of the docking station for recharging, I missed it almost immediately. It can be purchased separately and costs around twenty euros.


First of all entertainment : since I became a dad over a year ago I have practically stopped watching TV at night. A little for the tiredness, a little for not waking the child (with the BT headphones the latency makes the vision annoying), this tablet has instead represented a solution in this sense. The viewing experience is excellent, even at low volume I can enjoy the content, even in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos when available, and if I want to, I connect headphones without the latency problem I have with the TV.

And my baby is small, but talking to our Roberto Catania, I realized how much a second portable screen can remove chestnuts from the fire when everyone in the family wants to see a different thing.

On Tab P 11 Pro there is a dedicated “entertainment” screen (Google Entertainment) which can be reached directly from the home page with one swipe, works a bit like Google TV and includes all major streaming platforms with the ability to browse all content and get recommendations. It’s effective, a great find that I haven’t had a chance to try since it launched.

News, recipes, social networks and an app to let my child draw with a pen, YouTube Kids , such a tablet is a resource that can be spent in many ways for leisure , for example I also use it a lot to shop online , to search for all kinds and to navigate. Using the smartphone for this kind of operations I have always found it not very comfortable, with a larger screen instead it is much better having a more general overview of the different pages visited.

I could add some gaming , probably many people use the tablet for that reason too, but I don’t find myself very well, also because the games available are those for Android, designed for small screens. If anything, I might find it useful to use it together with a Bluetooth pad, but the problem of underused space would remain.


So does it make sense to buy an Android tablet? After long trying the Lenovo Tab P Pro, I can to say it makes sense to me, of course, but under certain conditions.

Clearly I speak of my particular needs, of the use I made of the tablet and of which I have told you. I do not have the presumption to speak for everyone, it is my experience, no more, no less.

Worth it if you have the option to invest on the high end , so if you can take home a product with certain technical characteristics and a bundle with keyboard and stylus. I am very demanding and I got the idea that to really use a tablet you need a certain quality, so that it can perform its tasks in the best possible way, guaranteeing a satisfying user experience.

Unlike a smartphone, where all in all I think it is not really necessary to spend a lot and from a laptop where under a certain amount you can’t bring home much , with tablets you have to aim high and I believe that Lenovo Tab P 11 Pro after all, do what you have to do at an appropriate price .

Can it become a real alternative to a laptop? It depends on the needs, maybe yes in some cases, but I found it very interesting as a replacement for a Chromebook, especially considering the general quality of the product, which at the hardware level that far exceeds the vast majority of cheap laptops with the Google OS. .


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